Meghan Markle’s Valentine’s Day Present Information from The Tig

Before she was the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle was an actress in suits and the voice behind the lifestyle blog The Tig. On the latter, she shared her favorite recipes, books, fashion labels and much more – and although the Duchess closed her website after joining the royal family, most of them are still available to fans in the internet archive. Among the articles still available? Meghan’s Guide to Buying Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men and Women. As a self-confessed “Valentine’s Day idiot”, the Duchess put some real thought into her selection – check them out below.


Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Cologne

Jo Malone London

$ 72.00

“There are two fragrances that I wear religiously and this is one of them,” Meghan enthuses on her blog. “It’s fresh and light and lingers in that ladylike way. Prepare for tons of compliments.”


“Ladylike” lingerie


$ 94.00

The Duchess of Sussex suggests staying away from “bright red push-up bras and the like” and opting for something that is “more reserved and ladylike”.


Mark & ​​Graham monogrammed pajamas

Mark & ​​Graham

$ 129.00

Meghan recommends a monogrammed set of PJs from Mark & ​​Graham when buying a buddy – “because it’s not just for you and someone significant to be comfortable by the fire and snuggling up by the fire.”


Argyle socks

Happy socks

$ 14.00

“Every man needs help improving his sock game,” writes the Duchess, “so grab him a traditionally patterned pair with a colorful, happy (yes, pun intended) twist.”


The little book of love

Quadrille Publishing

$ 26.95

A cute little book “full of quotes, poems and love stories”, “The little book of love is ideal for bookworms -” or for a friend who just needs to expand their coffee book collection, “says Meghan.


Poker chip set with walnut case


$ 139.99

The poker set is a surefire hit, says Meghan: “Whether he likes to gamble or not, this kit looks great as a decorative piece on any coffee table or desk, and brings out his brag about the Rat Pack.”


The starter ritual set

Meghan is a well-known Tatcha fanatic, so it’s no surprise she’s suggesting giving away this two-week test kit, which is filled with some of her “all-time favorite products”.


LSTN headphones


$ 179.99

Meghan praises these headphones for being “extremely cool” and for giving part of their proceeds to “such a good cause”.


California map filled

“Your best friend might not be a Californian girl,” Meghan admits, “but there’s no denying that this framed piece is a great addition to any gallery wall.” (Other versions are also available for different states.)


“Hello, pretty” pillow


$ 38.86

The Duchess of Sussex believes in starting the day right: “What’s the second best thing your man can wake up with (next to your beautiful face, of course)? A pillow that will make a smile and remind him what you think of him Day.”

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