New Concord trail guide released

A new hiking guide from the Concord Natural Resources Division is exploring the 14 preserved natural areas in Concord.

Although numerous hiking maps are already available, “Ecology along the Concord Trails, Exploring Fourteen Areas” combines these with the observations and findings of landscape ecologist Richard TT Forman, professor emeritus at Harvard and resident of Concord.

Notebook in hand, Delia Kaye, director of Concord Natural Resources Division, invited Forman to explore all 36.5 miles of trails in these areas. When Forman noticed the flora and fauna, he also came across a number of man-made features, and Kaye asked Robert White to contribute his deep knowledge of the history of these sites and the ecological history of Concord in general.

The manual describes the geology, wildlife and human footprint that characterize the properties administered by the city, with the highlights visible within 100 meters of the path described and indicated on the map for each location. For those who have walked through Punkatasset wondering how that ditch, hill or boulder got there, what those rusted building remains in Annursnac Woods are, what those stone foundations are in October along the river. “Ecology along the Concord Trails” will provide an explanation. The book will also contain a brief description of how the country developed 10,000 years ago.

But the heart of the book is really the flora and fauna on the trails. Each section contains a list of the trees, weeds, mosses, as well as the animals such as owls, ducks, songbirds, snakes, frogs, and more that live in the area.

In addition to describing the specific flora and fauna of each area, there are also memories of the impact visitors have on these natural places when they visit the area.

Copies of the book are available for $ 15 at the Concord Visitors Center and when the City Offices, City Hall and Natural Resources Department reopen. Only 1,000 were printed, but more when demand warrants it.

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