NEWS WATCH: Budding Comic Book Creatives will Learn Tips and Tricks in THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO COMIC BOOK LETTERING this October

Award-winning writer and founder of, Nate Piekos, of Ringo and Eagle, gives an insight into the world of comic writing in the upcoming The Essential Guide to Comic Book Lettering. This informative how-to book will hit the shelves of Image Comics in October.

Piekos provides readers with the most in-depth tips and techniques ever published on the subject of digital comic writing in this in-depth guide. It covers everything from creating font templates, emotional dialog and dynamic sound effects to developing design skills and building a career as a writer in the comic book industry.

“I’ve been posting tips on writing and design theory on social media for years. One of the most frequently asked follow-up questions is,” Have you ever thought about writing a book about it? “Piekos said.” Since well-executed handwriting is an often overlooked part of the comic book reading experience, very few people realize how much graphic design skills it takes to do the job well. I felt like it was that Time to write a comprehensive guide to the art of digital comic lettering for anyone interested. It’s a ‘deep dive’ into the subject aspiring writers crave. “

Piekos has provided lettering and designs to virtually all of the major publishers: Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, Oni Press, and more. His fonts also appear in video games, films, advertisements, and product packaging. Microsoft, Six Flags Amusement Parks, Charles Schulz & Associates, New Yorker Magazine, The Gap, Penguin Random House, and Sony are just a few mega-companies that have licensed designs from

The Essential Guide to Comic Book Lettering (ISBN: 978-1-5343-1995-0) will be available in bookshops from Wednesday, October 20 and Tuesday, October 26.

NEWS WATCH: Up-and-coming comic creatives learn tips and tricks in the ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO COMIC BOOK LETTERING in October

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