North Augusta girl writes e book about journey towards forgiveness after tragedy

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WJBF) – A woman from North Augusta wrote a book about her journey to forgiveness after a great tragedy.

“After that, our whole lives changed,” Paige McLemore told NewsChannel 6’s Good Morning Augusta anchor Shawn Cabbagestalk about her sister’s murder.

McLemore says that in 1988 her sister was working at Johannsen’s Sporting Goods and a criminal came in with a gun and robbed the store and murdered her. “It was just a very, very, very difficult and tragic time of my life,” she recalled.

She wanted to know why something like this could happen to a loved one. “Why would God do this to me and why would He take my best friend and sister away from me and do this to my parents?” She asked.

The hatred of the suspect was obvious. “I was an angry girl, and even after the trial and into my late twenties, I was very insecure for four years,” she revealed. “It didn’t go very well for me for about 15 to 20 years,” she added.

Her life began to change for the better after she said she got married and engaged a higher power. “I leaned on the world for answers when I only had to lean on the Lord,” McLemore said. “After getting his word, he just pressed it on me to forgive. Every morning I woke up forgiving in my mind. So I just had to and the Lord blessed my obedience, ”she added.

The forgiveness was not for the suspect but for herself. “It was about me and my heart,” she said.

The path to “Remembering Lee: The Noblest Vengeance Is To Be Forgiven” did not go smoothly. “I’ve just been writing for three years, it’s been a long process. It was a tough process going through all of these emotions. But I’m so glad I did, ”she said.

She added that forgiveness is not about the person you are supposed to forgive, but about your heart. “When you have to forgive someone, you are not apologizing for what they did, you are just letting go of that hatred in your heart. So the Lord can use you in great and mighty ways in His work. “

The book is available on and also from the Surrey Center Pharmacy.

In addition to the book, McLemore testifies to churches and other organizations and groups. You can also contact them on their website.

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