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A North Augusta woman uses her story of forgiveness and salvation in the face of tragedy to help others.

Paige McLemore of North Augusta recently published her first book, “Remembering Lee: The Noble Vengeance Is To Be Forgiven,” about her journey to the forgiveness of the man who killed her sister in a 1988 armed robbery.

McLemore said she knew that it was God’s plans for her to talk about forgiveness and tragedy and use them as a story of salvation and God’s grace and mercy.

In 1988, McLemore’s sister Lee Shields and one other woman, Allison Dawn Holley, were shot dead by MacArthur Lawton Jr. in Johannsen’s Augusta sports shop.

In 1988, McLemore was 18 years old and her sister Shields was 19 years old. They grew up in Augusta, in the National Hills area.

Shields was working in the Washington Road store at the time of the crime, and the 19-year-old was sophomore at what is now Augusta University.

“It was just heartbreaking just because my parents grew up in Augusta – they are known in the area and we were just people from the hometown of Augusta. After her death, it was especially tragic for me, ”said McLemore.

“My life wasn’t going the way God wanted it to be, it was just hard for me to get over her death. For 20, 25 years I struggled to forgive the man who murdered her. I had anger, resentment, and bitterness in my heart for years. “

She said she walked ways in her life that neither God nor her parents wanted her to go under, and she tried hard to find her way.

McLemore married her husband Steve in 2004 and said she finally had a sense of peace in her life.

“I finally settled down with the right person and he gave me the strength to get over some things, but I still had that bitterness and anger in my heart, even when Steve and I first got married, I always had still problems with it, “said McLemore.

“So we were at the church in North Augusta and pastors poured in and told me to read the Bible for the first time. So I rededicated my life to Jesus and started reading His Word and reading about forgiveness, and ultimately I forgave the man that murdered my sister, “she said.” Now he’s still at Georgia State Penitentiary, still serving his life sentence, but just to have that release in your heart after all these years of hatred and bitterness, it was life changing for me and it has been the life of mine Family changed and we just became a different family, a happier family, and it was spiritually evident that we were following Jesus more closely. “

McLemore began speaking about their history of forgiveness in district churches and was eventually encouraged to write a book.

She was encouraged in her writing by her husband and pastor at First Baptist Church in North Augusta, where she and her family are active members.

McLemore said the book was “such a blessing” and she recently had a signing event at CommuniGraphics.

“I just want to put books in people’s hands, so I’m very excited about this opportunity the Lord has offered,” she said.

“After I forgave, it changed my life.”

McLemore’s book can be found on as well as on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Anyone interested in having McLemore do the talking at their event can visit their website.

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