Ought to I e book a summer season vacation? Recommendation for planning a world break from UK in 2021 – and journey guidelines defined


Some tour operators such as TUI have published summer vacation offers

Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 4:16 p.m.

As the darkest and most depressing month, it’s no surprise that January is usually the most popular time of year to book a vacation.

Despite lockdown restrictions in Scotland, some airlines and travel companies, including Jet2 and TUI, have launched flights and package deals for the 2021 summer holiday season.

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“/>Many people have concerns about booking vacations for the summer after the chaos caused by cancellations last year (Getty Images).Many people have concerns about booking vacations for the summer after the chaos caused by cancellations last year (Getty Images).

We spoke to travel expert Nicky Kelvin who provided some helpful tips for those planning on booking a summer vacation soon.

Is it safe to go abroad in the summer?

Scotland’s new lockdown will last at least until mid-February – but First Minister Nicola Sturgeon hasn’t ruled out the restrictions being extended longer after her review on February 2nd.

However, The Telegraph reported on Saturday January 24th that the UK government had tacitly extended the lockdown laws to July 17th – suggesting that there might still be rules in place in all four nations by then.

Many people are also cautious about booking summer time vacations after the chaos caused by cancellations and quarantine rules last year.

A new international test rule was recently introduced in the UK, requiring all passengers returning to the country to show a negative Covid test.

Individuals, including UK nationals, must be tested and certified up to 72 hours prior to traveling by air, train or ferry.

It is also possible that other countries will require proof of Covid vaccination before anyone can enter, and those planning to flee could also be affected by flight cancellations caused by the pandemic.

When Health Secretary Matt Hancock spoke about the summer vacation at the press conference on Downing Street on Monday January 18, he seemed to think that staying in the UK would be a better option than foreign holidays.

He said, “I’m going to Cornwall. And I said before I think we are going to have a great British summer.

“But we still have a lot to do until then.”

His comments came after Foreign Minister Dominic Raab warned it was “too early” to book a vacation abroad.

However, Nicky Kelvin, director of content on the travel website and blog for The Points Guys UK, said there was “no reason” why people shouldn’t book a summer vacation now – but there are certain things to be careful about should.

Should I book a summer vacation now?

First of all, Kelvin recommends that you ensure that your booking is fully cancelable and flexible. So you can change your travel date or get a refund if necessary.

“We often advise our readers that any booking you make should be fully refundable or fully flexible,” says Kelvin.

“You can change the date to a later date or cancel your vacation and receive a refund without penalty. As long as you book a vacation with these options, you are relatively safe.

“If the operator cancels the holiday, you are still safe as they are obliged to give you a refund.

“But the problem is, when you book a vacation, the flight still goes. And for some reason – like government regulations – you may not be allowed to travel, which means you could get stuck if you don’t have these flexible tickets. “

Kelvin also recommends that you make sure you have adequate vacation insurance to cover you for as many eventualities as possible.

This could include coverage for cancellations due to changes in state Covid-19 rules and restrictions.

Covid-19-specific travel insurance is now a common option. However, you should read the terms and conditions to check for any exceptions.

Finally, Kelvin says you should book a vacation with Air Travel Organizer’s License (ATOL) protection and pay for the vacation with credit card in case operators go under before you travel.

He explains, “Regardless of which company you book with, you want to make sure it’s ATOL protected.

“And if you book directly with an airline, for example, we always recommend booking with a credit card so that you are legally protected.

“If the company went bankrupt, you could still get your money back.”

Kelvin adds that he thinks booking for the summer is “safe” – but he’s not sure if people can get away with the vacation or not when the time comes.

Can I book a stay?

When the summer holidays ran into complications last year, many people decided to stay in Scotland instead.

The government eased restrictions to allow further travel beyond local areas, overnight stays and the reopening of the domestic tourism sector.

It is unclear whether the rules will be relaxed in a similar way by summer 2021 – this depends on the progress of vaccination and the prevalence of the virus by then.

You can still book a UK vacation for daylight saving time but you should check to see if you can change the date or get a refund if you are not allowed to travel.

Holidays are currently not permitted in Scotland or anywhere else in the UK during lockdown due to strict travel bans.

Kelvin says, “The government council is definitely against holidays right now. The new national lock is against vacation travel and you can only travel with certain exceptions.

“These exceptions can be found on the government website.

“Traveling for a pure vacation is a no. There is also no exact date when these guidelines will change. “

Travel exemptions include work, training, medical appointments, or care responsibilities.

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