Ought to I ebook a summer season vacation now, and which locations are the most secure wager?

In case you missed it, the holidays are banned until the UK’s final lockdown is over – whenever possible.

If current travel rules remain in place after the lockdown, a vacation includes between five and ten days of self-isolation when you get home and up to three Covid tests (one before you leave, one during your trip, and another – if you have your Want to reduce quarantine time – when you return).

After months stuck at home, the prospect of vacation keeps many people healthy, but if restrictions are not relaxed, millions of Brits – for example those who cannot work from home or do not have the means to to pay in the region of 150 pounds per test – just can’t travel.

The only reason to be optimistic is the vaccine. Nick Trend, consumer expert for Telegraph Travel, said, “If the vaccination program goes well, it’s entirely possible that the virus will be reasonably under control in this country by Easter – or at least that deaths and hospital stays have fallen dramatically.” So – keep your fingers crossed – there’s a good chance we’ll be able to travel freely by then.

There are two big questions, however.

“Firstly: Are fears about new Covid variants being adequately removed to restore quarantine-free travel? Not many Brits will be willing or able to leave the country if it means 10 days of isolation on their return, ”says Nick. “Second, how many countries will we have open to us? Some of the best opportunities are likely to be countries that are most dependent on British tourists: for example, Spain, Greece and Turkey [see below for more suggestions]. ”

Testing will likely take many more months, but it is becoming more and more likely that a certificate of vaccination will be drawn up to supplement or possibly replace this requirement.

As for the summer, Nick is confident that vacation will be possible.

He says: “I think we have good reasons to be optimistic that travel will be possible and that most important destinations, certainly in Europe, will be open to us.”

Where to book for your summer vacation?

The following list has significant limitations: Everything is subject to change and no vacation you book at the moment is guaranteed. If the last ten months go by, the start of international holidays won’t go smoothly. When you book, protect yourself by contacting a tour operator with an airtight cancellation or rebooking policy – and keep everything posted.

Long distance

A Caribbean island

For the past six months, the Caribbean has been the most reliable corner of the world when it comes to vacation options for the British. Before the government scrapped all travel corridors, there were eight Caribbean islands welcoming British travelers, including Barbados, Cuba, St. Lucia and Antigua. All require testing before departure or on arrival, or both, which has become the norm around the world, although it is not impossible for the islands to accept a certificate of vaccination as an alternative to a negative test.

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