Ought to I ebook a summer season vacation now? Important checks to make, the place to go and greatest offers

The coronavirus pandemic devastated our travel plans in 2020. Millions of Britons saw trips being canceled and changes in travel corridors made it difficult to know exactly where to book a trip.

However, 2021 looks more positive as Covid vaccines roll out and hopes of going abroad remain – in fact, travel agents have seen bookings spiked for over 50 years since they started managing the bumps.

Of course, there are still restrictions and uncertainties when it comes to travel – should you book a vacation, what if there is another lockdown and even whether it is possible to find offers.

To help you out, Reach Travel Editor Nigel Thompson has answered some of your biggest questions below …

What kind of vacation should I book this summer?

What kind of vacation should you book?

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As we know all too well, it was an incredibly volatile time to travel.

I definitely recommend buying package tours this summer to make sure you have the added security of Air Travel Organizers’ Licensing (ATOL) protection to help you out if your travel company or airline goes out of business .

This applies to both a fixed bankruptcy on vacation and a breakdown before the start of the trip. Many tour operators also offer special virus insurance if your vacation or you are affected.

Also, watch out for traveling with ABTA’s financial consumer protection scheme, which may cover non-flight-based vacations such as cruise, bus, or train vacations.

What if I want to book a DIY getaway?

If you prefer to arrange your own travel, purchase your own hotel and flights separately, it is always wise to pay with a credit card if you can. This way you are covered up to £ 30,000 under Section 75 of the UK Consumer Credit Act.

What to pay attention to?

Look for the ATOL and ABTA logos on websites, newspaper ads, and brochures so you know your vacation is safe.

Do I need additional insurance for a summer vacation?

Passengers wearing face masks will arrive at London Heathrow in July 2020

Passengers wearing face masks will arrive at London Heathrow in July 2020

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You should never go abroad without proper travel insurance, and buying one with additional coverage for Corona is definitely being considered.

Many tour operators also offer virus protection if your vacation or you are concerned.

Are there any good offers for this summer?

happy family jumping on the beach together

Happy family jumping on the beach together

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Yes! Aside from the arrival of the vaccines, the good news for the holidays in 2021 is that there is a buyer’s market out there and there are some excellent deals on offer to entice families and couples to support these airplane moves.

Tour operators, airlines and cruise lines have had a major pandemic and are meant for your business. I’ve seen some fabulous discounts of up to 50% on short breaks.

In addition, the British are considered premium travelers who travel overseas millions of times and make an enormous contribution to the vital tourism industry in many countries. So the goals will woo us too.

Bargain basement deals I saw recently include an all-inclusive week on the Egyptian Red Sea coast from £ 262 per person, only rooms on the strip in Las Vegas from £ 454 and B&B in Turkey from £ 176. Sensational value!

Med weeks were available for just £ 97 after the initial lockdown, and I expect this to repeat this summer as travel agents scramble to get us to book.

What if there is another ban? Do I get a refund?

Undoubtedly, there were deplorable, inexcusable errors in refunds by some travel companies and airlines when the vacation was canceled at the start of the pandemic.

However, they have certainly learned their lesson by now and the Competition and Markets Authority is keeping a robust, watchful eye. So yes you should.

Of course, if you’ve had lousy service from a travel company, you can vote with your wallet or purse and take your habit elsewhere.

Do I need a negative coronavirus test to get on a plane?

On the seats was a glimpse of an airplane aisle with passengers

Passengers on an airplane

It is clear that this terrible virus is not going to go away overnight, so I think it is almost certain you will, plus temperature tests on the aircraft door and another negative test report when you return.

I don’t know for sure whether you need a vaccination certificate to get on an airplane.

We don’t know how soon these vaccines will reach the poor of younger vacationers on the priority list. Do we really want to end up with under 30s who are effectively barred from traveling until they – maybe – had their second bumps in the fall?

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