Ought to I Use a Journey Agent to Plan a Disney Trip?

Last updated:December 18, 2020

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Planning a trip to Disney World is no easy task. The process can be especially confusing and stressful if this is your first time at the resort. However, with the help of a Disney travel agent, this doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience.

A Disney travel specialist can help plan and book all aspects of your trip. This includes your resort hotel reservations, meal plans, theme park tickets, FastPasses, and even things like your car and stroller rentals. They’ll also assist you with your tour plans and make sure you’re getting the lowest prices so you never spend more than you need.

Here are 7 reasons why you should use a Disney travel agent when planning your next trip.

Work with a Disney expert

Your Disney Travel Specialist will be with you every step of the way in planning and booking your trip. If this is your first time to Disney World, your questions will be many. For example, you may have questions like:

  • Which Disney resorts have the best pools, transportation, etc.?
  • Is the Disney menu suitable for my family or should we pay out of pocket?
  • How many days do we need in Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios?
  • What are the best rides for FastPass?
  • Are the dining experiences worth the cost?
  • Where do we pick up the airport transfer?

These are the types of questions your dedicated Disney trip planner can answer for you. Based on their knowledge and feedback, you will work as a team to create the perfect trip. Your vacation package will be tailored specifically for your family, giving you the best chance for the most magical trip to Disney World.

Disney travel agents really love Disney World

People don’t become Disney travel agents just on a whim. No, the people who join this profession are the most die-hard Disney fanatics you will ever meet.

Most agents first planned their own Disney trips and then volunteered to plan trips for friends and family. Many have a Eureka moment thinking, “I really love sharing my knowledge and passion for Disney with other people. It would be amazing if I could plan Disney trips for a living. “That’s how most people start out in this profession.

Disney Travel Specialists are people enthusiasts and are 100% committed to what they do. As a customer, you are the direct beneficiary of your enthusiasm for everything Disney-related. Get the inside tips and expert advice that only a seasoned and passionate Disney fanatic can provide.

Unlike traditional travel agencies, most of the people who specialize in Disney travel to Disney parks. This is particularly the case at The Vacationeer travel agency.

The Vacationeer’s Authorized Vacation Planners are focused on Disney parks and are fully dedicated to the success of their clients. This means answering your questions, listening to your goals, and then working with you to ensure you have the best vacation possible. All of this while making sure you get the lowest price, reservations you want, and the best customer service you can imagine.

You’re looking for discounts and specials

There are many ways to get discounts on Disney Resort stays, theme park tickets, meals, and vacation packages. It takes some search and flexibility, but you can save a ton of money if you get the right deal at the right time.

Disney’s promotions are offered from time to time. So you need to keep up to date with the latest Disney news and keep combing through the offers to find one that suits your vacation destinations. Some people may prefer to look for these new promotions on their own, but it makes more sense to work with a professional who does this for a living.

Your Disney trip planner can monitor all discounts and limited time offers so you don’t have to. Since it is their job to monitor any discounts and new limited-time promotions that arise, you can rest assured that you are in good hands and that you are getting the lowest prices available.

Are you looking for the best prices or do you have any questions about booking a Disney trip? Contact the Disney travel agents at The Vacationeer today. They can help you plan and book every aspect of your magical Disney World vacation.

Book your reservations for you

Working with a Disney travel specialist gives you a choice to be as practical (or practical) as you want. You need to book your hotel reservations, theme park tickets, and the meal plan package. Other than these three things, your commitment is simply yours.

Booking a Disney vacation is time sensitive and time consuming. Most customers just let their Disney trip planner handle the details. It makes sense to just let them handle your time-sensitive food and FastPass + reservations while you relax and plan your packing list.

You’ll sleep better at night knowing your dedicated Disney travel specialist has you covered.

Ability to change an existing reservation

What if you book your Disney trip and then an unforeseen circumstance occurs a month or two before your trip that prevents you from going? It could be a medical emergency, a family matter, or even some other pandemic (God help us). Can you change your dates or cancel the entire reservation?

The good news is you don’t have to worry. Your Disney travel agent can easily rebook or cancel your existing reservation up to 30 days in advance without penalty.

A Disney trip planner can also modify your trip to take advantage of a new promotional price. In other words, they are continuously monitoring Disney’s actions. If a better discount (lower price) results after booking your trip, your Disney Trip Planner will amend your reservation and apply that lower price to your bill.

This means that you never pay more than necessary and you don’t have to keep checking the promotions yourself. Relax, they got you covered!

Set up a payment plan

You can book your reservation up to 499 days before check-in.

You are required to pay a deposit of USD 200 when you book your trip, but that’s all you have to pay immediately. The remaining amount can be paid in the absence of the guest and the remaining amount is due 30 days before your check-in date.

A Disney travel agent can set up any type of payment plan that is suitable for you and your budget. As long as you pay the installments in increments of $ 20 or more and pay the balance off at least a month before you arrive at Disney World, your travel specialist can create any type of payment plan you wish. It can be weekly, monthly, or just a few bulk payments – it’s up to you.

This flexibility is a gift from God for those of us on a budget!

It’s 100% free

Disney trip planners and their hosting agency receive a small commission for booking trips. However, this is paid by Disney (not the customers).

As a customer, you are the direct beneficiary of this policy as you don’t pay a dime and still get great customer service. There’s absolutely no catch, no hidden fees, no fine print – it really is 100% free.

Not only are Disney Trip Planners completely commission-free, but thanks to their services, you get the lowest prices Disney offers. As I mentioned earlier, they first book your trip with the lowest prices, then monitor the offers and adjust your vacation package when a lower discount becomes available. All of this and they even book your FastPass and restaurant reservations in good time.

With this level of service, you’d expect a pretty penny. However, this is not the case. When you add all of these perks together, there is really no reason to book your own trip, even if you’ve been to Disney many times.

Contact The Vacationeer today for a free quote and plan the magical Disney family outing you’ve always wanted!

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