Our Marriage ceremony Information for a Modified World

Our wedding guide for a changed world

By: Emily Cosentino Lee and Terry Ortega | Published on February 11, 2021

Credit: Burgund Blue Photography

As if planning a wedding wasn’t challenging enough … there was no guide on how to plan a wedding during a global pandemic. For many couples before COVID-19, the steps to legalize your union were taken for granted: Get engaged; set a date; Make a guest list; Book the place, the food, the flowers and the photographer. and plan the parties – as many parties. It’s been almost a year since the fiancés had to scrap large ceremonies, receptions, and parties and reinterpret their special day on a smaller scale with available social distancing, masks, and hand sanitizer, or plan a fully virtual event.

This year’s couple on the cover, Emily Cosentino and Jerry Lee, rose to the challenge head on. Her story, “From Plan A to Z: A Bride and Groom’s Pandemic Pivot Saves the Date,” tells firsthand how they got out of the experience and realized what a wedding day is really about.

The Independent’s annual wedding guide has always looked at wedding trends across the country, and this year was no exception – though it was a very extraordinary year. Many of the new and creative ideas the bride and groom came up with for the pandemic could actually become traditions in the years to come.

We love to remind you that Santa Barbara has been the wedding destination of many famous couples, including our new Vice President and the second gentleman who got married in the beautiful wall room in our courthouse, which is itself a national treasure.

Rest assured that with some creative adjustments, it is possible to tie the knot in front of family and friends. Whatever your big day turns out to be, let this year’s complete guide to wedding resources and a list of vendors who have felt the pinch of the pandemic like no other help you create an extraordinary experience that is so unique and special is like you. We wish you the fulfillment of every dream!

For information on how to be listed in the guide for next year in early January 2022, please see our article. The entries are submitted by the user and are not automatically carried over from the previous year without review. – Terry Ortega

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