‘PAs Are Important’ theme of Nationwide PA Week

“PAs Are Essential” is the theme of this year’s National Physician Assistant Week, which is celebrated every year from October 6th to 12th.

The week is used to celebrate the PA profession and its contributions to the health of the country, according to the American Academy of PAs.

“This PA week is especially important as it falls during a global pandemic,” AAPA said in a statement. “PAs have grown significantly, including serving on the front lines of the COVID-19 response. During this challenging time, PAs have proven not only to be flexible, adaptable, and collaborative, but also ESSENTIAL. Indispensable for health care. Indispensable for patients. ”

National Physician Assistant Week began as National Physician Assistant Day, celebrated annually on October 6th. This is an important date for the PA profession as, according to the AAPA, it is its founder Eugene A. Stead Jr.’s birthday.

The first National Physician Assistant Week took place on October 6, 1987. This date marked the 20th anniversary of the Duke University PA program’s first graduation.

Today there are over 140,000 PAs practicing in the United States, performing 400 million patient interactions each year, according to nationaltoday.com.

Here are some gift ideas from www.joincake.com to celebrate the PA in your life this week.

  • Handwritten card. A heartfelt thank you card is one of the best ways to show your appreciation to a familiar PA. With PAs having to adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic, a thank you message will go a long way.
  • Aromatherapy. With the new COVID-19 measures, work for PAs has almost certainly been more stressful this year. Give away a PA in your life with aromatherapy relaxation tools like a candle or essential oil diffuser.
  • Travel mug. PAs are always on the go and may need caffeine to last long days. Give them a travel mug so they can stay full and take their coffee with them.
  • Books. You can give a PA a health care book so they can continue their education or a feel-good book to read when they relax at home.
  • PA girl. Find t-shirts, coffee mugs, lanyards, and other items with PA images or quotes so they can represent their profession anywhere.
  • Gift cards. Treat a PA to a cup of coffee or lunch by bringing them a gift card for their favorite restaurant or bakery.

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