Psychological Coach, Hypnotist Shares Keys to Unlocking One’s Full Potential in Debut Self-Assist Information

AMELIA ISLAND, Fla., Feb. 1, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Mental trainer and hypnotist Dawn Grant has published a comprehensive guide to help athletes of all skill levels and non-athletes release limiting mental blocks. maintain a consistent practice of mindfulness and develop your true potential. In “7 Strikes in 7 Days: Fast and Easy Breakthrough Mental Training That Will Revolutionize Your Golf Game and Your Life” Grant uses her decades of experience to help others achieve their peak performance and to exchange specific, specific “secret weapons”. Techniques that improve focus, calm the mind, build confidence and persistence, and cultivate the tools needed to remain calm under pressure.

“7 strokes in 7 days” is perfect for every athlete, whether professional or casual player, who experiences a plateau in his abilities and wants to take it to the next level or who is often frustrated and stuck on the court, the court or on the Place is field. Grant’s approach teaches athletes how to achieve their optimal state of performance, consistently access “The Zone” and really enjoy playing their sport again.

Grant’s book also uses mindfulness techniques that can help readers become calmer and more confident in their professional and personal lives. The mental state of “maximum performance” described in “7 strokes in 7 days” does not only apply to athletes, but extends to all people in the form of a stress-free, mindful life. In Grant’s book, she shares how this state of mind can be achieved, helping readers become their best selves, and teaching them how using these techniques can create opportunities for success as humans.

“I have invested well over 60,000 hours in understanding the spirit, its potential, our limits and the best version of ourselves,” Grant wrote in the foreword to her book. “I am obsessed with helping people overcome their toughest challenges and I am on a journey to learn all I can to be a master at it. Let me help you, like the several thousand athletes around the world who have benefited from my training. “

Whether on the putting green, in the boardroom, or in everyday life – the proven skills in Grant’s clear, concise guide ultimately help readers overcome the common mental hurdles such as worries, fears, and fears that keep them from being their best and hinder their attitude to life.

“7 Strokes in 7 Days: Fast and Easy Breakthrough Mental Training That Will Revolutionize Your Golf Game and Your Life”
By Dawn Grant
ISBNs: 978-1-9822-5411-7 (sc); 978-1-9822-5413-1 (hc); 978-1-9822-5412-4 (e)
Available through, Balboa Press, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon

About the author
Dawn Grant is a mental trainer and hypnotist who has been helping clients reach their optimal state of performance in sports, careers, personal life and relationships since 2001. Grant earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Westfield State College and was board certified Hypnotist through the Omni Hypnosis Training Center. An expert on the mind, Grant has developed training and techniques that provide clients with mental mastery and the ability to perform easily and frequently on The Zone. She has an ever growing list of customers worldwide, including thousands of athletes who compete daily, as well as professionals who claim to be Olympics, Hall of Fame, World Champions, PGA TOUR, LPGA, TOUR, IJGA, USA Shooting, ISSF, PSCA, USA Sporting Clays Team, WBA, Ironman and NCAA. Grant offers an extensive list of training tools on their website,, including online courses, hypnosis downloads, and videos through their on-demand mental training subscription. She is the creator of the Mind Mastered self-help website and application, the owner of Amelia Shotgun Sports in Yulee, Florida, and the co-founder and current president of the Joy To The Children nonprofit. Grant is a proud mother of two and currently resides in Amelia Island, Florida. To find out more, connect with the author on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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