Qantas unlocks limitless flight adjustments to January 2022

Qantas passengers have the freedom to change their travel dates for both domestic and trans-Tasman flights unlimited times up to January 2022, as the airline encourages travelers back to heaven.

The airline says it’s new “The “Fly Flexible” policy applies to all new bookings made from today “until at least the end of April”. It applies to flights that are planned up to 355 days in advance Unlimited changes to the flight date can be made until January 31, 2022.

So far, travelers have only been able to make one free flight change for travel until the end of June.

Qantas typically charges a $ 99 to $ 125 change fee for its cheapest economy tickets, e.g. Red eDeal Fares and Trans-Tasman Sale and Saver Bookings.

“Customers have told us that sudden changes in border restrictions by state governments have made them wonder whether to go on vacation or on a business trip,” said Stephanie Tully, chief customer officer, Qantas Group.

“By giving our customers unlimited flight date changes for almost a year, we believe we will encourage more people to book, which will help boost tourism, which is so important to the local economy and businesses across the country. “

The New Zealand border will of course remain closed to potential Trans-Tasman fliers without a fixed opening date for Australia.

Despite a planned start of ‘Q1 2021’ that had previously been postponed several times in 2020, Qantas will not sell Trans-Tasman flights until July as only a skeleton flight schedule will be offered in the coming months.

This makes any Trans Tasman booking from Australia a gamble as the domestic flight fee exemption is more useful to most passengers.

There is no extended change fee waiver on other Qantas international routes, including those sold beginning July 2021.

Virgin Australia currently allows free date changes and Cancellations “on bookings for travel by June 30, 2021 if you book by March 31, 2021” – Executive Traveler has reached out to Virgin to determine if the challenger intends to adhere to the now more generous Qantas timeframe.

Qantas Unlimited Flight Date Changes: What’s the catch?

While a generous policy applies to travelers booking paid airfares, Qantas’ updated free flight changes rules do not apply to bookings made with Classic Flight Reward.

For trips booked with Qantas Points, change and cancellation fees only apply until April 30, 2021 – not until January next year.

Even for travelers with authorized, paid tickets, price differences continue to apply in the event of changes.

This means that passengers who purchase attractive sales fares may have to wait for significantly more expensive flights if they request a change.

As the policy only applies to bookings made by April 30th this year, those making flight reservations in May (and beyond) would not enjoy the same level of flexibility under the current policy.

When flight changes are requested, they can go as far forward as is available in the airline’s booking system: this is up to 355 days in advance.

Prior to this update, Qantas passengers could make a free flight change for their trip until the end of June 2021, provided that no further free changes were allowed under normal fare rules.

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