Reading into ‘The Man’s Guide to Corporate Culture’ – WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

Today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude speak to Heather Zumarraga about their new book, The Men’s Guide to Corporate Culture. Tim Francis from Travelers talks cyberthreats and risk, Felipe Capella from Loadsmart talks growth and markets, and Nick Roth from Traffix takes us on a career journey with his comeback story.

In addition, XPO announces the logistics spin-off GXO and Walmart is converting the store in Dallas into a fulfillment center.

They are joined by special guests, Heather Zumarraga, Work Environment Advisor, President of Zuma Global LLC and a distinguished business journalist for Fox News, Fox Business News, Newsmax and CNBC. Felipe Capella, President, COO and Co-Founder of Loadsmart; Tim Francis, Cyber ​​Director for Business, Travelers; and Nick Roth, Traffix branch manager.

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