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Do you dream of escaping to an exotic destination next year? Or are you planning a city tour in Europe? Many of us have wanderlust on our minds and now is a good time to start planning travel insurance for travel in 2022 and beyond. Here’s why.

Essential medical travel insurance is in your favor

If you already have an illness that could cause you to cancel your future trip, get your travel insurance right away so you can secure coverage for the illness.

“Many travel insurances come with a pre-existing medical exclusion that can be waived by purchasing your travel insurance within a certain number of days of making your first deposit on your trip,” said Scott Adamski, spokesman for AIG Travel.

With this pre-existing condition exclusion waiver, any trip cancellation insurance based on your condition can be covered by your travel insurance, says Adamski. This could be an illness of yours, a travel companion, or an immediate family that you may need to stay at home and care for.

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Trip details do not need to be finalized

With your plans for 2022 months away, your entire itinerary may not have been finalized. Booking a trip early with travel insurance will protect your plans even when they are taken out.

“It’s worth noting that travelers can purchase travel insurance before they know every single item that might be included in their trip,” says Adamski.

For example, if you are booking a cruise for 2022 but have not yet booked a flight to get to your sailing port, or if you have not purchased your shore excursions, there is no need to wait to know each and every trip cost before purchasing travel insurance.

“You only need one element of the trip – the down payment on your cruise as the primary example – to purchase the policy,” says Adamski. “You can build on this policy later as you book additional elements of your trip and pay the appropriate premium for the additional elements.”

That way, Adamski says, you can still take advantage of the disease waiver that you already have. Get insurance for the first element of your trip within 15 days.

Lock your ability to cancel for any reason

The cancellation insurance reimburses you 100% for prepaid and non-refundable travel deposits that you lose – as long as you cancel for a reason stated in the policy. This list generally includes reasons such as:

  • Your destination is uninhabitable due to a fire, natural disaster, flood, break-in, or vandalism.
  • A natural disaster makes your home uninhabitable.
  • You must attend the birth of a family member’s child.
  • You or a family member contract an injury or a serious illness. Not all plans cover Covid, however. Check out our reviews of the best pandemic travel insurance if you want Covid coverage.
  • A terrorist attack takes place at your destination within 30 days of your arrival.
  • You lose your job through no fault of your own.
  • Your airline, cruise line, or other airline is suspending service for at least 24 consecutive hours due to a strike, natural disaster, inclement weather, or an FAA mandated shutdown.
  • You or a travel companion are legally separating or divorcing

An add-on called “Cancel For Any Reason” allows you to cancel and get a partial refund for any reason. However, you must add it within 14 to 21 days of your first deposit (deadlines vary depending on the travel insurance company).

If you quit for any reason, the insurance will add about 40% to your travel expenses, but it will give you the ultimate flexibility to change your mind.

The best travel insurance benefits for a trip in 2022

No matter how well you plan a trip, you can never predict what could go wrong. So you want travel insurance that bundles benefits for a wide variety of problems, says Christina Tunnah, spokeswoman for World Nomads.
Basic coverage often includes:

  • Cancellation and delay
  • Traveling expenses
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Loss and damage of luggage

According to Tunnah, coverage for travel expenses is most important as most US health insurers do not cover you outside of the US. Additionally, U.S. health insurances generally don’t include emergency evacuation, which could be a lifesaver in a crisis.

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