Riverbend mother pens survival information for youths

Riverbend mother pens survival guide for children

EDWARDSVILLE – If you ever thought you were alone in a pandemic world – with home schooling, homeworking, and virtual vacations staying at home while parenting – look for a new book called “Making It: What Today’s Kids” for the world of tomorrow ”. Release in March.

Edwardsville-based and former educator Stephanie Malia Krauss tackles COVID-19, the economic crisis, racial riots and other complex challenges young people face today. The book is now available for pre-order and will be released on March 3rd.

Krauss dropped out eight years ago because she feared getting a diploma would not be the same as being ready for college, work and life, she explained. She also did social work.

“Since then, I’ve been on a mission to find out what children need to survive and thrive now and in the future,” she said.

As Senior Advisor to Jobs for the Future and Human Resources Advisor to the Youth Transition Funders Group, Krauss described herself as tirelessly focused on what children need to be ready for the world. She also contributes regularly to Youth Today.

“The book pays special attention to what it means for our children and their future,” said Krauss. “I’m a mother and former educator who has been on the national scene for about eight years. After I’ve done my job, this book should be easy to read and helpful to anyone in the ward who works or lives with young people. “

The world feels volatile and unsafe with major disruptions, from global pandemics to economic crises, forcing people to live, learn, and work in new ways.

“Today’s children grow up in the midst of rapid change,” said Krauss. “By the time they grow up, things could be very different.”

The book goes beyond what young people need to be successful in school and asks what they need to be ready for life.

“As a school dropout, I needed people and opportunities inside and outside of school to prepare for adulthood,” said Krauss. “My mission is to understand what children need to survive and thrive now and in the future. I work with executives from different systems and sectors to prepare young people for the world of tomorrow or to prepare the world for them. “

“Making It” explores four currencies that today’s children will need to make it into tomorrow’s world:

• Competencies

• Links

• References

• Cash.

There are also tips on how adults can learn to build currency in young people’s lives.

This book focuses on how these four main outcomes can be prioritized anytime, anywhere as learning occurs. She shares research and experience to help understand and apply a people-centered and forward-thinking lens right in the classroom, school, program, or home.

This book will benefit teachers, counselors, youth workers, parents, school leaders, and education leaders, said Krauss, mother of two.

You can find more information on “Making It” at www.stephaniemaliakrauss.com and on Twitter @stephanie_malia.

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