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Ski vacation is a winter season staple for many, but will ski breaks be affected if travel is so disrupted this year? What’s more, if they carry on, what will life be like on the slopes and in the resorts? spoke to Estelle Giraudeau of the vacation company Club Med for her travel advice.

Giraudeau, MD of Club Med in the UK and Northern Europe stated that because of their outdoor nature, skiing holidays are currently fairly safe options. Plus, British don’t have to travel far to find a runway.

“Skiing in Europe benefits from a short haul vacation that is accessible via a variety of transportation options and ultimately results in the customer spending a lot of time outdoors, making it one of the safer vacation options this winter,” she said.

In addition, the resorts are implementing numerous measures to combat COVID.

“The ski domains work hard to ensure that skiers are safe both on site and on the slopes,” explained Giraudeau.

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“The rules will vary from country to country, but basic rules will be common, such as wearing masks in queues for elevators and in cable cars and chair lifts, social distancing of 1.5 meters, reduced capacity in cable cars and a greater focus on Après outdoors. Ski, with more take-out and delivery-only facilities, ”explained Giraudeau.

“Ski domains will publish precise measures and guidelines shortly before the start of the season.”

Club Med has taken a number of measures to keep everyone safe without compromising the vacation experience.

“For example, our spas will be open as usual and contain the necessary provisions according to our ‘Safe Together’ protocol,” explained Giraudeau.


“We’re going to extend the opening times for dining areas, with a safe space between tables.

“Our buffets are facilitated by the service provided by the staff, and we continue to offer our guests as much choice as possible with cuisines from around the world – which we know are a popular aspect of the Club Med experience.

“We have also developed digital tools to simplify other aspects of the vacationer’s experience, such as online check-in and booking ski equipment and lessons, eliminating the need for physical lines.”

Club Med has also stepped up its hygiene measures – and Giraudeau recommends checking the measures taken at your resort before booking.

Giraudeau continued: “All-inclusive operators were also at the forefront of Covid-19 protection systems.

“For example, Club Med has introduced COVID-19 insurance. If you get COVID-19 while traveling, all medical expenses, including medical costs for hospital stays, doctor’s appointments, COVID-19 tests, and transportation costs to testing facilities, will be covered.

“In the unfortunate event that you have to go to the hospital, the insurance also covers the cost of a companion’s stay, accompanying children and urgent medical care transfer if necessary.

“In addition, all customers who wish to leave by December 31, 2020 have the right to change their booking free of charge and choose a new departure date up to 12 months after the original travel date.”

Club Med also guarantees that all customers who are eligible for a refund will receive it within 14 days.

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