Star Wars Lore: A Information To What Occurred In Every Period

With the release of The High Republic’s products, Disney released a new Star Wars timeline. Let’s see where things are now!

war of stars Fans face a tidal wave of new content in the next few years, from books to comics to streaming Disney + shows. Additionally, Disney has reshuffled the schedules twice in the past six months to better organize the layout of their upcoming stories. The most recent describes the start of the High Republic multimedia project. To better understand the new canopy, here is a guide to the events in each epoch.

From 2000 to 2014, Star Wars used today’s Legacy Timeline. It was divided into eight epochs, ranging from thousands of years before Episode IV to about forty years after Episode VI. Two years after taking over Star Wars, Disney disbanded the expanded universe. Then, in the summer of 2019, Disney launched its new timeline made up of three eras: the Age of Republic, the Age of Rebellion, and the Age of Resistance. Earlier this month, Disney re-launched a new official timeline with the release of an entirely new Star Wars era. This has six departments.

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The High Republic takes place two hundred years before the Star Wars prequels at a time when the Jedi are at the height of their power in the galaxy. Few things are known about this time. It revolves around an enemy called the Nihil Gang and a disaster called the Great Disaster. The Disney + show Star Wars: Acolyte should take place towards the end. The High Republic leads the new Star Wars galaxy, so not much has been revealed. Only time will weave its yarn.

This era consists of the animated series Prequels and Clone Wars. It spans roughly thirty years and begins with a dispute between the Trade Federation and the Galactic Republic. The dispute escalated into a full invasion of the planet Naboo by the Trade Federation droid army. The cast was successfully overthrown by two Jedi and a new Supreme Chancellor was elected to the Galactic Senate.

Ten years after the Battle of Naboo, several systems formed the Confederation of Independent Systems. The separatists were led by former Jedi Master Count Dooku, who spoke out against the Galactic Republic under Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine. The cause of the unrest was the same tax disputes that the Trade Federation had argued in the earlier conflict, allegations of corruption in the Senate, and the preference for the core world over the middle and outer fringes.

The Clone Wars began with the Battle of Geonosis and ended three years later after the elimination of their leaders on Mustafar, including the execution of Count Dooku by Anakin Skywalker. Just as the Clone Wars ended, it became known that the Jedi were planning to take over the Republic in a coup. The Jedi almost made it, but ultimately failed after an attempt to assassinate the Supreme Chancellor. Disfigured and with great concern, Palpatine called for a cleanup of the Jedi in order 66. To rebuild the galaxy after the devastation and hostility of the Clone Wars, the Supreme Chancellor organized the Republic into the First Galactic Empire.

So far the only material in this time is Solo: A Star Wars story in which the empire dominates planets, militarily expands into new worlds and the galaxy is full of pirates and gangsters. This is followed by the upcoming Disney + animation The Bad Batch. The animated show seems to take place right after the Clone Wars with the cleanup of the remaining droids and the transition from clone troops to storm troops. The Bad Batch is expected to be released sometime this year.

The Age of Rebellion can be seen in Rebels, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and the Original Trilogy. It spans a ten-year period known as the Galactic Civil War, beginning with small successful insurrections against the Empire like that of the Lothal Rebellion. These rebels slowly banded together to form the Rebel Alliance, who then begin major organized attacks against the Empire.

The rebels win a random victory in the Battle of Scarif, which quickly leads to the destruction of the first Death Star in the Battle of Yavin IV, a significant shift in favor of the rebels. Three years later, the Empire struck back with the devastating Battle of Hoth, which nearly wiped out the rebels and ended the Alliance. With the help of an aspiring hero, Luke Skywalker, the rebels were able to recover and lead the fight to the heart of the Emperor’s throne room, leading to the destruction of the second Death Star in the Battle of Endor.

The Galactic Empire falls with the deaths of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader. During this time, the Force also witnessed a resurgence of the Force in the galaxy as the young Jedi Knight Luke recaptured the paths of the Jedi Order. The new Disney + show Star Wars: Andor will take place in this era.

Like the era of imperial rule, this one has only a few lore to work with. It’s the era The Mandalorian takes place, along with future Disney Plus shows Rangers of the New Republic, Ahsoka, and The Book of Boba Fett. Remnants of the empire remain in power on various planets, occupying military facilities, lost laboratories, and vital mines. The Jedi reappear and the galaxy is reformed in the New Republic.

The Rise of the First Order is the last in canon (so far) and consists of Star Wars: Resistance and the Sequel Trilogy. It begins about thirty-five years after the Galactic Civil War ended. It is tied to the rise of the First Order, their revenge on the New Republic with the enormous weapon of the Starkiller Base, the near annihilation of the resistance forces at the Battle of Crait, the renewal of Emperor Palpatine with the End Order’s fleet, and then the fall of both orders after the massive Battle of Exegol.

The war of stars Canon is getting bigger and bigger with the announcements of Disney Investors Day in 2020. Only they can fill in some of the void fans crave so much. Fans don’t yet have details for shows like Star Wars: Visions, A Droid Story or Lando. New films are also being developed for a release schedule through 2025.

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