Summer season 2021 holidays ‘too early to e book’ as Britons advised to stay to Covid journey guidelines | Politics | Information

Plans for the 2021 summer vacation could be disrupted significantly as the British are warned to postpone their booking plans. Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said it was “too early” to know what travel restrictions on coronavirus will apply in the summer months and it was “difficult” to book. Speaking to LBC, Mr Raab said: “I think it’s too early at the moment, I think you have to follow the instructions we are issuing.

“The rules are very clear now that people shouldn’t travel domestically, or certainly internationally, unless there are very exceptional reasons.

“I’m afraid until we are able to give security I think it will be very difficult to plan.”

The British are currently advised to limit their travel to essential or emergency travel both in the UK and abroad.

Mr Raab also denied reports that people returning to or visiting the UK would have to pay for quarantine at a hotel for 10 days.

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However, the conservative Frontbencher said the government would “review” the measures.

He continued: “The end of the transport corridors and the reintroduction of self-isolation measures in connection with the sandwich of the two negative Covid tests is the system that we are announcing this week.”

“The measures we have just taken are clear, we are doing this to protect the NHS as it is still under tremendous pressure and to protect our vaccine launch.”

Boris Johnson announced Friday that all travel corridors into the country that would allow newcomers to move around the country without quarantine would be closed.

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Health Secretary Matt Hancock wrote exclusively for the Sunday Express urging the public to help! Take part! and stay up to date!

Mr Hancock said he wants people to stand behind the final major push that allows lockdown restrictions to be lifted.

He said: “We are introducing two highly effective vaccines, a third is coming in the spring and others are being developed in studies.

“We’re bringing it to as many vulnerable people as possible quickly and safely and expect tens of millions of people to be vaccinated by spring.”

The Minister of Health also confirmed that the NHS has now vaccinated around 45 percent of people aged 80 and over, and over a million have now been invited to book their sting at one of the NHS vaccination centers.

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