The Most Sustainable UK Inns To Book In 2021

Our travel habits have changed dramatically since the coronavirus pandemic began. As early as March 2020, we took a global break and closed offices, factories, shops, public buildings, schools and airports – and transport was cut back. When we stopped, nature had an opportunity to heal and reset itself. And many of us have chosen to live greener lives.

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Sustainable living is not just about the clothes and products we have in our homes, it is also about how we travel. Changing the way we eat, reducing the use of single-use plastics, and religiously recycling is all good, but it’s more important now to get serious about sustainable travel and learn how our travel choices are affected impact the environment, destinations and communities we visit than ever.

According to a report published by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, tourism accounts for around five percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, which are projected to increase by 130 percent by 2035. However, the global travel and tourism industry creates approximately 11 percent of global employment (direct and indirect). So what we must strive for is a form of responsible tourism that promotes prosperity and supports the local economy, protects workers’ rights, promotes culture and brings about positive change on a global scale – without an overwhelming environmental impact.

If you want to make your travel habits more sustainable, one of the easiest solutions is to fly less. In addition, curiosity is key. Challenge tour operators, transport companies, cultures and communities how they implement their sustainable and environmental goals. When you get to your destination, look for accredited accommodations with eco-friendly certifications and local experiences, and use public transport whenever possible. By creating a demand for responsible tourism, operators and destinations will be encouraged to offer more choices of travel options.

If air miles are a key concern, try the water closer to where you live first. Britain has a myriad of beautiful locations that deserve a closer look. Here’s Vogue’s Guide to Sustainable Hotels in the UK.

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