The rise of travel blogging

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11th September 2018

There is no doubt that in the world of blogging, travel blogging is big news.

If you believe National Geographic Travel has nearly 30 million viewers in the US, the numbers tell you everything you need to know. The travel blogging sector is a rich and varied landscape with top blogs like Dan Flying Solo or A Broken Backpack. With the forecast that digital travel content will grow by double digits year over year, it seems like it always seems to be popular with the public to write about the fabulous places you’ve visited.

What exactly is travel blogging?

The rapid rise of this type of online content can leave you wondering what it is about. In simple terms, travel blogging is when individuals travel around the world and then post their experiences on their blog. There are also travel blogs that provide more general information about the best things to do or news about popular tourist destinations. All of these blogs give you instant access to firsthand information about a place you might want to visit.

Why has it become so popular over time?

As the internet has grown and evolved, people have written about their travels online. Here are a few reasons why this type of online activity has seen a real boom in recent years:

  • It counts! – – For a lot of people who write travel blogs, so is their career. Affiliate marketing and Google AdWords can make money through the blog itself, while external sponsorship can also make serious money for the blogger. While not all travel blogs do, the ability to get paid to travel the world is certainly why so many moved into the sector.
  • Escapism – The reason travel blogs have become so popular with the public is because of the escape they offer. When you visit a travel blog, you are instantly taken from your normal life to the exotic destination you are reading about. This makes you feel positive and perky, which is why so many people love to read them.
  • Fresh content – Another reason travel blogging has skyrocketed lately is that the best examples offer a unique take on traveling the world with fresh, fun content. Many create innovative online videos through an online animator to create popular content. With videos expected to account for over 80% of internet traffic by 2021, this is a smart move for any type of blogger.
  • Education – All human beings have a natural urge to learn about other countries and cultures. Travel blogging fulfills these needs by letting you know about different cultures and what is going on in other countries. This is especially useful when you are reading about a country that you will never visit in person but still want to know something.
  • Encouraged to Travel – Of course, you can actually be lucky and charged enough to travel to different countries around the world. Travel blogging plays an important role here as it can encourage trips that you may have been nervous and reluctant to take before. By showing what other places really are, travel blogs can help make you feel comfortable enough to get there. The other great benefit of encouraging more travel is that when you return you will have a better understanding of different cultures.
  • Documents of historical events – Another major reason travel blogging has exploded recently is because of the channel that records historical events. Because blogging is free and easy, anyone can ensure that important events or happenings are recorded for posterity. This kind of direct, open access is important as we move into the future to ensure nothing is overlooked and important events are not swept under the rug.

Travel blogging will continue to grow

In such a vibrant and rich community, it seems like travel blogging will continue to grow in popularity going forward. Since there is a blog that anyone can enjoy wherever they want, it is an area within blogging that appeals to so many people. The feeling of happiness and escape they evoke and the way they provide access to firsthand experiences is also why so many people review them. It is predicted that digital travel content will only become an integral part of our lives in the years to come, and travel blogs will certainly play a key role in this.

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