Thursday Flakes: Bagels, Self-Driving Cars and Immortality

Bagels have been around for centuries, but they were first mentioned in the written records of Krakow, Poland in 1610. Bagels were later brought to New York City by Polish immigrants in the late 19th century, but didn’t become popular in the Big Apple until the 1970s. Of course, bagels are now available in many different flavors in many shops.

I ate a lot of bagels for breakfast when I was in high school. My mother went to the grocery store as soon as it opened, put a huge bag of it in the discount container and brought it home in time for breakfast. The chocolate chip bagels have always been my favorite, but these days they are a little hard to find anywhere. I never added spreads to the chocolate chip bagels because they took away a bit of that chocolaty goodness. If it was a regular bagel, I might have added some cream cheese depending on my mood.

Bagels are a little hard to find these days, especially if you are traveling in Panama or Central America, but there are plenty of delicious breakfast options to choose from here.

What is your favorite type of bagel? Roasted or unroasted? Do you add cream cheese, butter, jam, or Nutella to your bagel? Let’s hear it down below. Anyway … on flakes.

Nebraska WBB wins 72-61 against Minnesota in Big Ten | Basketball | Corn Nation

Three Huskers, the usual suspects, got double-digit results, Haiby (19), Cain (16) and Bourne (14). The team captains also led Nebraska on the rebounds Haiby (8), Bourne (7) and Cain (6). Whitney Brown finished with six assists while Cravens, Scoggin and Haiby each had three. Kate Cain blocked two shots and Bella Cravens blocked one.

Early Nebraska lead evaporates in 72-66 loss Big Ten tournament loss to Penn State | Basketball | Corn Nation

For 20 minutes, the Nebraska Cornhuskers played like a team that wanted to stay in Indianapolis for a while. Then she met at halftime and played like the 14 seeds in the Big Ten tournament with 14 teams for the next 20 minutes. On Wednesday there was a 14-point half-time advantage in a 72-66 loss to Penn State Nittany Lions Night.

Dedrick Mills NFL Draft Scouting Report | Football | Corn Nation

Dedrick Mills came to Nebraska after a period where he played a fullback role for Georgia Tech’s triple option and then had a tough time in Garden City. His two seasons in Nebraska, he had 745 yards and 10 touchdowns in his junior season before an injury triggered part of the 2020 season. Here’s a look at how Dedrick Mills is advancing into the NFL.

Nebraska Recruiting: The Importance of Camp Season That May Return | Football | Greetings from university

It seems to gain momentum when deadtime ends in June in any way. The last extension of the dead time was announced in February. I mentioned something that caught my attention. The NCAA included a language to be prepared to take the next steps to find new solutions.

Mailbag: Outbreaks and Setbacks in the Coming Big Ten Football Season | Sport | Greetings from university

Hail Varsity’s staff, Mike Babcock, Jacob Padilla, Greg Smith, Erin Sorensen, and Brandon Vogel, answer your questions about the latest news in Husker Nation.

Sipple: Osborne doesn’t expect a thank you, but former players make it a point football | Lincoln Journal Star

On Wednesday, a group of former Nebraska players led by Veland and Josh Davis held a thank you party at Mike Osborne’s Husker store, Best of Big Red, on Haymarket. Davis, who ran back in the early 2000s, set up the Alumni CAP Foundation to recognize any Husker student-athlete who wrote a letter. Davis also arranged for Osborne to watch 30 thank you videos from former players, including Neil Smith and Grant Wistrom. Osborne seemed genuinely touched, saying that relationships with players and others in the program tend to outperform anything else.

Schedule an NCAA volleyball tournament in Omaha Volleyball | Lincoln Journal Star

Around 4,500 spectators are expected when the national college volleyball championship game is played in Omaha next month. The championship game is scheduled for April 24th at the CHI Health Center Omaha. The semifinals two days in advance are subject to the same capacity restrictions.

Freshmen, Fresh Faces Give Nebraska Baseball a deep and “formidable” list of baseball | Omaha World Herald

“It’s incredible,” Shay Shanaman said on Wednesday. “It’s huge for us. You never know with newbies. You have an idea of ​​what they might look like in the fall and winter, but you never really know what they are made of until you step out into the field. I was super impressed as I think we were all with the guys who stepped up when it came down to it. “

Keonilei Akana has become a key contributor in the defense of Husker Volleyball. Volleyball | Omaha World Herald

Akana has become a major contributor to defending the Huskers in the back row. But perhaps the best adjustment she’d made after moving to Nebraska was buying a new parka. “Winter really got me,” said Akana. “I was very shocked by the winter.” On the pitch, Akana had a smoother transition. She said the biggest differences are the increased speed of the attacks. During the fall, Akana said she was focused on being more aggressive with her serve and connecting with her teammates.

20 influential women in the travel industry | Travel | Travel impulse

We want to highlight women who have done and are doing so much to make a difference in the travel industry. They set the example, drive initiatives, and challenge the travel industry to do better, to be better. We hope this piece inspires you to connect with and uplift these and similar women and ultimately be an ally and advocate of women’s equality in the travel industry.

10 Best Websites on Women’s History in the US | Travel | Lonely planet

In January 2021, the US Congress passed the Smithsonian Women’s History Museum Act, which cemented plans to build the National Women’s History Museum in the National Mall.

Should influencers travel now? | Travel | Lonely planet

The tiredness of the pandemic is taking its toll. But why are some travel influencers, bloggers, and writers away from home facing the same barriers that their audiences face?

Thailand Launches “Yacht Quarantine” Plan To Promote Tourism | Travel | Lonely planet

After a pilot project originally announced in November, around 100 yachts are now expected to take part in the program, which is currently taking place in Phuket. Travelers must wear a smart bracelet that will monitor their location and vital signs, including temperature and blood pressure. The watch can transmit information at sea within a radius of 10 km.

12 mistakes to avoid when redeeming airline miles | Travel | Travel + free time

Continue to collect rewards by using an airline credit card for everyday purchases, purchases through the online portals of various airlines, and other activities. When you’re ready to hop on again, there are 12 common mistakes you should avoid when redeeming airline miles for flights.

What Fully Vaccinated Travelers Need To Know Before Planning A Trip Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

“The safest thing to do is to travel with only vaccinated people,” says Freedman. Studies have shown vaccinated people carry lower viral loads of coronavirus, and scientists could come to a definitive conclusion about vaccinated transmission within months.

I have been fully vaccinated. Here’s why I’m still in no hurry to book my next trip abroad. | Travel | The boho chica

I thought I’d put a counter on this above article from one of my travel blogger friends who recently got vaccinated in the UAE as to why she didn’t make new travel plans.

My Mongolian Guide: Walking with her was a joy. Traveling | The guard

However, at one meeting with Oyunaa, it was clear that she was not your average guide. She had just turned 20 and had an infectious love for her country. For my part, I wanted to visit Mongolia for as long as I could remember and was so excited to be there.

50 films in each state | Entertainment | Conde Nast Traveler

Nebraska: Choice (1999). Alexander Payne was born in Omaha and made several feature films in the state of Cornhusker (including About Schmidt and Nebraska). But making a choice is perhaps his most fun endeavor.

The best bagels in America | Food | Food & Wine

Excited and attentive, I traveled across the country and finally found other new bagel shops that had quietly worked their way into the landscape, many of them well outside of the usual comfort zones. Seattle, Minneapolis, Cambridge, you name it; Everything happened, change came.

New algorithm exceeds speed limit for solving linear equations | Math | Quanta Magazine

By using randomness, a new algorithm achieves a fundamentally new and faster method of performing one of the most basic calculations in mathematics and computer science.

How astrogeologist Eugene Shoemaker came to be the only person buried on the moon space | insider

American astrophysicist and geologist Eugene Shoemaker was the first to take his remains to the moon when some of his ashes were brought there by NASA’s Lunar Prospector in January 1998. He remains the only person buried there.

Quantum Mechanics, the Chinese Space Experiment and the Limits of Understanding Science | Scientific American

Like great art, great thought experiments have effects that were not intended by their creators. Take the Chinese space experiment by the philosopher John Searle. Searle invented it to convince us that computers don’t really “think” the way we do. They mindlessly manipulate symbols without understanding what they are doing.

The race to teach sign language to computers | Technology | The economist

The World Health Organization counts 430 million people as deaf or hard of hearing. Many use sign languages ​​to communicate. If they cannot also use these languages ​​to communicate with computers, there is a risk that they will be excluded from the digitization that is taking over everyday life.

The 25-year-old billionaire is building the future of self-driving cars | Technology | The edge

Austin Russell is the 25-year-old founder and CEO of Luminar, a Silicon Valley startup that makes LIDAR sensors for self-driving cars. LIDAR technology has been used for short-range mapping, but Luminar claims they have a working LIDAR that works at 250 meters, which is a breakthrough. Luminar recently went public, making Austin the youngest self-made billionaire today.

Is Immortality Possible? Dyson Sphere could raise people from the dead | Technology | The edge

Here’s How It Will Go On: A megastructure called the Dyson Sphere provides a super-intelligent man-made agent (AI) with the tremendous amount of energy it needs to collect enough historical and personal data about you that it can recreate your exact digital copy. Once it’s done you will live your whole life (again) in a simulated reality.

The Pride of Newman Grove and Patrick Gerhart of Corn Nation took part in an interesting chat that featured a group of wonderful banking industry leaders / community heroes.

This is the craziest drone video I’ve ever seen.

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