Tour Britain By Vary Rover? Upscale Vacationers Are Prepared To Hit The Highway

A Range Rover is a possible choice for a Porter & Sail tour of the English countryside.


The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent shutdowns, quarantines and other travel barricades have devastated the travel industry. However, leisure travel is starting to make a comeback, according to Tripadvisor, which bills itself as the largest travel platform in the world.

The company says: “Tourism markets continue on their path to recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recent Tripadvisor site data shows domestic travel is gradually recovering for the fall season (September 1 to November 30, 2020) around the world. 65 percent of all travelers plan domestic trips in autumn.

Interestingly, well-heeled travelers seem most eager to be on board, whether it’s the front end of an airplane or a high-end cruise.

The global luxury travel network Virtuoso, which has annual travel sales of $ 30 billion, states that upscale US travelers take weekly, even month-long short breaks and even multi-family vacations after a month of accommodation

For the fall, 79 percent of these travelers would say they would be attending a travel pod (defined as two or more households whose members have followed similar quarantine and socially distant practices) owned by families or individuals planning vacations together.

Virtuoso claims that 100 percent of 18-25 year olds are willing to travel. The enthusiasm for traveling amid a pandemic has been subdued for the older population, but the study found that less than 50 percent of those over 41 are unwilling to go anywhere.

Around 66 percent of respondents say they are ready to fly, but want the middle seat to be open. Surprisingly, it’s no longer about points or perks for the high-end audience. Virtuoso claims that an “empty center seat now determines airline loyalty”. And 73 percent say they would even pay extra for a plane ticket if the middle seat next to them was left empty.

Interestingly, 59 percent are willing to take an international flight (subject to travel restrictions). So what would get people on an airplane to a distant destination?

A giant outdoor chess game outside a British mansion.

Outdoor chess is an option on a Porter & Sail vacation in the English countryside.

Porter & Sail

So far, most post-pandemic travel marketing seems to be two things. They ask for taxpayers’ money to save the aviation and hotel industries. The other is compliance with the cleanliness and hygiene standards that the destination, the airline or the vehicle operator adhere to. While both lines of communication are easy to understand given the havoc COVID-19 has wreaked, neither will motivate most tourists to travel.

What will One promising approach has been taken by Porter & Sail, a hotel credit service that allows travelers to purchase such credits at “exclusive prices” at over 100 luxury boutique hotels in more than 20 countries. According to the company, the credits can be used at any time in the future with no expiration date.

Flexibility is key, but what is the hiss that draws the upscale traveler in? Provided you can get to London (which is reportedly already possible if you can self-quarantine for two weeks) you can enjoy the Road Trip Collection. The road trips are offered by Porter & Sail and THE OUT (powered by Jaguar Land Rover) and are three fascinating escapes into the English countryside.

The packages allow you to escape London in your own Range Rover, Land Rover or Jaguar and drive a few hours outside of the city on English country roads to luxury villas and resorts of your choice. The experience includes rural villas such as Great Fosters, Barnett Hill, Rowhill Grange or Alexander House.

The Road Trip Collection is offered in three package options. One is $ 840 EU and the other two are each $ 980 EU. Rates include a 2 night stay and the choice of a Range Rover, Land Rover or Jaguar for the duration of your trips in the UK, including delivery and collection of vehicle front doors.

“Just planning a trip can do wonders for your state of mind,” said a Porter & Sail spokesman. “While people may not be able to travel to the UK right now, they may at some point. Book now and look forward to something exciting. “

Barman pours high-end gin into a shaker.

A gin experience as curated by Porter & Sail in the UK.

Porter & Sail

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