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A travel blogger has urged influencers to help the industry recover by actually paying for their vacation.

Ana Silva O’Reilly, best known for her blog and Instagram page ‘Mrs. O Around the World ‘published a call to action for travel bloggers and influencers calling on them to do their part to support the travel industry as soon as it reopens.

O’Reilly has started a new movement called #PayingOurWay, which discourages content creators from soliciting freebies from travel and tourism companies in exchange for content.

“When the trip reopens and it is safe for us to travel again, I encourage bloggers and influencers who have benefited from numerous press trips, giveaways and support in the past to help the industry by booking their own hotel stays. Vacation; City tour – whatever you want – and if you love it, create free content about the experience without asking for compensation or freebies, ”she wrote in a blog post.

“In this way we can help bring some money back into the industry, promote the places and brands we love, and play a vital role in keeping our networks inspiring to travel in a time when the industry is particularly in need of our support.

“By doing this, we can help secure the long-term future of the industry that we love so much, and that is the foundation of all of the content we produce.”

O’Reilly said she independently books and pays for many of the holidays she posts about on her blog, and works on campaigns for destinations, hotels and brands.

“But it’s important to me that I continue to support the industry with my own paid vacations,” she said.

“While I understand that this practice may not be workable for all travel bloggers and influencers, in the current circumstances it was more important than ever to me to promote the message of travel bloggers and influencers #PayingOurWay to support the industry and spark the new to rekindle travel after these troubled times. “

The blogger urges other content creators to share their own posts via the #PayingOurWay movement, hashtagged social media posts, book their next travel experiences, and share content to inspire their community.

Selected image source: Instagram / Mrs. O around the world

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