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Lately, the number of solo female backpackers has increased, and traveling alone is more exploratory and fun. One such solo traveler is Seema Gurnani, who took a leap on herself to avoid her daily monotonous routines and travel the world to escape the hustle and bustle of deadlines and still create a peaceful life out of it Indian travel influencer.

Although Seema was originally a foodie, she realized her inclination to pursue a career in the food industry when her mother ran cooking classes and organized culinary events. She used to emancipate her mother and it took hours to emphasize the food. Little did she know that her fetish, which dazzles food pictures with her brilliance, is becoming her full-time occupation.

But talking about food wasn’t filling enough for their needs; She wanted to do something more and saw a bigger picture. Her first goal was to be strengthened economically, and she worked with an indomitable spirit to make a living without asking her parents for help.

Today her belief has taken root in reality while running a full-time SEO and marketing agency she manages remotely, a blog, and carving out a niche for herself in the food and travel industries. She is recognized as one of the best food blogger in india.

Her last stay is a step towards plus size blogging as she has received many offers from fashion brands who want to work with her.

Seema was born and raised in Vijayawada. He always wanted to put together my travel dining experiences. Hence PandaReviewz was born, and traveling made me realize that traveling from what I want to achieve to what I can achieve is an overarching and rewarding experience. Her travel experiences have been varied, yet scattered from a small town in Goa to Malaysia. She really enjoyed everything and even got a lot of media attention.

She repeats, “Blogging is something I effortlessly do around the clock in my lifestyle. While I’ve never aspired to be a food blogger, traveling to different places and trying new kitchens are effortlessly part of my lifestyle. I even broke that myth that if you are a vegetarian, your food options are limited. The number of foods I have tasted is innumerable, yet there is still much to discover. “

“All in One Night Game Travel stopped being an escape from my sedentary lifestyle or job or host family or possible vacation with friends and family. I started feeling the urge to be constantly on the move and enjoy the wonders of nature. Visit.” You destinations without cellular network, whose presence may not be put on a map, only in the presence of the people and the culture. But I have overcome the biggest hurdle, I could travel alone. So I can manage the work remotely has me too made what I am today, “she concludes.

Among the awards she has received is the Social Media Star Award recently presented by Jignasa and KL University. She is Vijayawada’s leading food blogger.

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