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The tour specialist, which is accompanied around the world, explains why his holidays should be on your radar – and on the radar of your customers – during the high season

Madeleine Barber

Editor for special projects

Madeleine Barber

Madeleine Barber

Editor for special projects

The main booking season in January and February may look a little quieter than in previous years, but Titan Travel offers a number of reasons why you and your customers can be convinced to vacation with the globally escorted tour and cruise specialist in 2021 and beyond to book. Here are six reasons why you should book your customers with Titan during peak hours, from an agent incentive to a flexi booking policy to on-site Covid-19 prevention measures.

1. Titan rewards every new booking

Every new Titan booking between January 1st and February 28th 2021 will be rewarded with a lifestyle voucher worth £ 20. The more bookings you make, the more vouchers you will receive. Agents can request the vouchers from until the end of the calendar month in which the booking was made.

2. The Flexi deposit

A Flexi security deposit of £ 49 per person is required for any booking made before March 1st. This means the vacation can be changed any number of times at no additional cost to reassure customers who fear their situation or circumstances may change. Booking changes can be made up to 75 days prior to departure.

3. The promise of protection

The protection promise describes what Titan is doing to ensure that customers feel safe and in good hands when traveling during the Covid-19 pandemic. This includes a pre-travel assessment, home pickup, disinfection of the vehicle after each trip both in the UK and on-site, and extensive training of all guides and guides on the latest local health advice. The operator also works with reputable partners who adhere to strict security procedures and offer more vacation flexibility. Titan’s full protection pledge can be found at

4. 2022 Holidays are on sale now

Titan has more than 60 tours on sale for 2022 so your customers can plan ahead. The portfolio includes more than 50 worldwide tours, including the Mayan Trail in Mexico, the Great Apes of Uganda, Uzbekistan – Jewel of the Silk Road and Essence of Japan. In Europe, the spectacular rail tours of Switzerland, Puglia – Discover the Heel of Italy, Stunning Iceland and the Small Boats of Catalonia are among the most popular tours on sale in 2022.

5. The distribution of the brochures is simplified

The Titan website allows you to select tours for your clients and download a personalized brochure directly to your computer that can be printed or emailed – an easy way to help them find their perfect moments. Or Titan brochures can be sent directly to the customer free of charge with a reminder to book with their travel agent.

6. All travelers receive VIP transfers

With the exception of the Scottish Isles and Sark, Titan offers a VIP pick-up service to any address in the UK. This means that customers don’t have to worry about taxi rides, train timetables or carrying luggage on public transport.

For more information on booking Titan Travel in Peaks, visit

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