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Experience Travel Group’s Sam Clark said the survey was “positive news” for retailers

The study of more than 20,000 responses from consumers found that 79% plan to book with a specialist operator or agent in the next 12 months as they are looking for “assurances before starting an overseas vacation”.

Another positive sign for the industry was that more than a quarter of consumers plan to take more vacations in 2021 than they did before the Covid-19 pandemic. 23% also expect to spend more on their main vacation and only 6% say they do so and spend less.

The 50 to 59 age group was most likely to be interested in resuming travel. 85% said they either “be among the first” or “travel when the time comes”. This equates to 80% for people in their thirties, 83% for people in their forties, 82% for people in their sixties, and 77% for consumers in their seventies.

However, those over 70 were also the most unsure whether they would ever travel again. 6.4% of this age group had this view, compared with 3.2% of 50 to 59 year olds and 5.4% of 30 year olds.

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