Vacationers Unite Throughout Corona on a New Journey Running a blog Platform

Many people and industries have been hard hit by the coronavirus in recent months. The tourism sector is still suffering a lot. But there are also positive things to report. Travel lovers have thought about what to do at home and have put together so many great projects. One of them is the new travel start company Traxplorio.

What is Traxplorio?

Traxplorio is a new travel community / travel blogging platform where everyone can share their travel experiences without IT knowledge. What is special about this concept, however, is that Traxplorio rewards its travel bloggers with a number of unique advantages. For example, every blogger receives a share of the monthly jackpot. And the best part is that Traxplorio is 100% free for its members. Hundreds of bloggers have already joined this project during the Corona. Many bloggers have used the situation to explore their own country and report on past trips.

What are the advantages?

In addition to the monthly jackpot, there is a very big advantage. Whether you already have a travel blog or are just starting out, by posting to this website you have your first few readers and can increase your personal reach too. There are also checklists with useful elements based on experience. You will also find special offers on accommodation for each destination.

This website offers you numerous opportunities to make the most of your budget and valuable time. There will also be a gadget lottery and many other benefits in the future.

Find unique places that suit your personal preferences

You have the option of defining your travel preferences (e.g. activity level or budget). With this information, you will only be shown travel reports that match your preferences. You can also use many filter options (e.g. by activity, month, food and drink, etc.) to find your dream vacation.

If you want inspiration for your next trip or if you want to share an experience yourself, this website is for you.

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