VanElsacker Farms in Northland provides horse-drawn carriage, sleigh rides

NORTHLAND, Mich. – With all of the fresh snow, these two 12 year old Percheron horses are ready to give you an outdoor adventure in Northland.

“Here on our farm, we have a two-mile trail that takes about 40 to 45 minutes, some through the forest, some through a path,” said Crystal VanElsacker, owner of VanElsacker Farm.

VanElsacker and assistant Crystal Vanhese say this is the best way to enjoy Upper Michigan’s outdoors.

“It’s just a nice atmosphere, have fun with your friends and family. Go out and enjoy this crazy family we have right now, ”she said.

VanElsacker Farms offer horse-drawn carriage rides, right here near you, and they travel to you too.

“We offer to come to you wherever you want,” explained the owner.

You can book a personal or family trip. VanElsacker says while there isn’t enough snow to go sledding, this season has been busy for her.

“It was great, we book 4-5 days a week,” said VanElsacker.

She says it is a great opportunity for her to meet and talk to other people on the peninsula. And the fun doesn’t stop in summer, VanElsacker farms offer rides all year round.

“And basically we try to do whatever you want the best we can all day,” she said.

After a ride with Dan and Duke, a bar of hot chocolate and a campfire await you. To contact VanElsacker, click here.

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