Watch Out for These Vacationer Traps in All 50 States

Photosounds / Shutterstock

Tourist traps are part of the American landscape. Countless over-hyped, colorful, quirky and sometimes downright mystifying passages attract seers across the country – at least if a pandemic doesn’t make traveling too dangerous and complicated for such a silliness.

Whether an attraction is considered a tourist trap is often in the eye of the beholder, and some are still loved by the locals. Travel blogger David James from The GypsyNesters has his own test: whether visitors leave feeling a little cheated. “But we love tourist traps,” says his wife and blogger Veronica James. “It can’t pass David. Boomers really love this stuff because when we were kids we went there. We packed our station wagon and went to these places.”

Some are iconic locales that are now overrated or overrated. Others lure road drivers out of the way to their intended destinations. They could be cheesy, fake, overpriced, crowded, boring, ugly, or just not worth the time. We spoke to travel bloggers and industry professionals and read reviews online to identify tourist traps in each state.

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