Well-liked way of life blogger’s house is about performance as a lot as model | Residence & Backyard

Julie Blanner describes her style as minimalist, so the objects in any room are either practical or meaningful, with each piece placed on purpose. Artist Carylon Killebrew’s big picture of Momo, the calm cow that anchors the angle, isn’t just a statement of style. “When I see it, I go back to my roots in southeast Missouri, the fields, the farms and the cows we pass on our visits,” she says.

Her conversation blog further sheds light on the design principles she puts into practice in her St. Louis home. It also shows the renovation in progress by the Blanner of their lake house near Branson.

“Our St. Louis home is Tudor style while our lake house is more modern. I believe in decorating the home design itself so you can see the two traditional and modern styles in the photos, ”she says.

We asked what advice she would give to people moving into new homes. “I always say it’s great to redesign when you’ve lived in a space and see how you use it. It gives you a really clear picture of your needs so that you can think about how to incorporate those needs into your design, ”she says.

Today, Julie’s blend of design and function has made life easier for her family, especially since they spent more time at home over the past year.

“It’s nice to come home to an organized, beautiful, peaceful home,” she says. “I used to use a lot of paint in my home, but as our lives got crazier, I became more of a minimalist. I like warm, neutral, calming colors. You know the world is so crazy enough I want our home to be an everyday retreat. “

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