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Craig McCracken of the Powerpuff Girls is back with a new animated series, Kid Cosmic, and this is what all the speakers look like in real life.

Here’s what Kid Cosmic The cast looks like it does in real life and where you may have seen (or heard) them before. Kid Cosmic is the latest animation project from Craig McCracken, who previously created the popular series The Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

Kid Cosmic Season 1 revolves around The Kid, an orphan who knows the tropes of comic book storytelling. When an alien vehicle crashes near his desert home, the boy is given five rings that allow different powers. The child gains the ability to fly and eventually recruits a team called Local Heroes. The gang receives valuable lessons from the life of a classic car named Papa G, and a cat named Tuna Sandwich helps them spot impending threats. Halfway through the first season of Kid Cosmic, a twist changes The Kid’s perspective, creating a larger plot that involves a human villain.

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The Kid Cosmic cast includes some big names in the voice acting world, including some new talent. Overall, the cast of the ensemble includes several productive speakers with extensive résumés from the industry. Here is a cast and character guide to watch while streaming Kid Cosmic Season 1 on Netflix.

Jack Fisher as the child

Jack Fisher as the kid in Kid Cosmic on Netflix

Jack Fisher plays The Kid, an orphaned boy who lives in the desert and dreams of being a superhero. When The Kid discovers five “rings of fate” at an alien crash site, he gathers a group called “Local Heroes” and undertakes to fight local villains. Unfortunately, The Kid is not doing well when using his flight powers, presumably because he doesn’t fully understand how to use the energy. Kid Cosmic Season 1 again follows the protagonist’s journey from hero to “comic relief” to hero.

Fisher portrayed Young Ray Palmer in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, George Talbot in Agents of SHIELD, and Phineas in NCIS. He also speaks Little Boy Truck in Blaze and the Monster Machines.

Amanda Celine Miller as Jo

Amanda Celine Miller as Jo in Kid Cosmic on Netflix

Amanda Celine Miller approaches Jo, a teleporting teenager who is recruited by The Kid. Her mother Flo runs a local truck stop restaurant, and she can do well with her strength. Jo believes in the child’s good intentions but seems to understand that he still has a lot to learn. Miller pronounced Boruto Uzumaki in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and Flutterina in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. She also voiced Ember in DC Super Hero Girls.

Lily rose silver than pink

Lily Rose Silver as Rosa in Kid Cosmic on Netflix

Lily Rose Silver approaches Rosa, the child’s four-year-old neighbor, who takes a Ring of Power and grows 40 feet. She wins the first medal of heroism for heroes and turns out to be a valuable member of local heroes. Silver portrayed Elena in NCIS season 15 and Lily in the TV series I Feel Bad.

Tom Kenny as stuck Chuck

Tom Kenny as Stuck Chuck in Kid Cosmic on Netflix

Tom Kenny portrays Stuck Chuck, an alien who is cut in half in a portal accident and then pokes fun at The Kid’s superhero abilities. Chuck’s behavior later changes after a fateful encounter with The Great Leader, which he admires. Kenny voices the title character in the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise. He also speaks Wheelie in the Transformers film franchise and Chief Randall Crawford in Paradise PD.

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Fred Tatasciore as a tuna sandwich

Fred Tatasciore as a tuna sandwich in Kid Cosmic on Netflix

Fred Tatasciore speaks to Tuna Sandwich, a precognitive cat who has a ring implanted and can see the future. At an early age he makes loud cat noises when spotting problems and later speaks in a gruff voice while using technological support. Tatasciore also speaks Flos Koch and The Great Leader. Tatasciore spoke to Samuel L. Jackson in Team America: World Police and Loz in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Most recently, he voiced numerous characters on American Dad! and Family Guy.

Keith Ferguson as Papa G.

Keith Ferguson as Papa G in Kid Cosmic on Netflix

Keith Ferguson portrays Papa G, the child’s kind-hearted mentor who can reproduce. Papa G lives according to the mantra “Freakin ‘out? Breathe it out” and reminds the young protagonist that “Heroes help, not hurt”. It is later revealed that “George” has an extensive government record. Ferguson also speaks Crushstaceor and Lord Koregore. Ferguson voiced Robin and Bruce Wayne in DC Super Hero Girls with Flintheart Glomgold in DuckTales.

Kim Yarbrough as Flo

Kim Yarbrough as Flo in Kid Cosmic on Netflix

Kim Yarbrough speaks to Flo, Jo’s mother – the owner of Mo’s Oasis Cafe. She is used to only having a few guests but then welcomes a few additional guests until the end of the season. Yarbrough has been a busy character actor over the years. She is best known for portraying Nan in Secret in Their Eyes and voicing a scientist in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Christian Lanz as Carlos

Christian Lanz as Carlos in Kid Cosmic on Netflix

Christian Lanz portrays Carlos, Rose’s father and regular in Flos Restaurant. Lanz also comments on Crimson Vision, a member of the Earth Force Enforcement Force. Lanz spoke to Chancellor Esteban in Elena von Avalor and Achi in Victor & Valentino.

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Gray Griffin as Ramona

Gray Griffin as Ramona and Carla in Kid Cosmic on Netflix

Gray Griffin approaches Ramona, who is Rosa’s mother and Carlos’ wife. She also speaks a restaurant patron named Carla along with Headhuntress, Grathla and Violet Vanish. Griffin is a veteran voice actress best known for her portrayals of Arcee in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Selina Kyle in Batman: Arkham City.

Rich Fulcher as Zarkon

Rich Fulcher as Zarkon in Kid Cosmic on Netflix

Rich Fulcher approaches Zarkon, a green creature from space who quickly belongs to the local heroes. He is later classified as a “loser alien” by a government official. Fulcher portrayed a judge in Marriage Story and is currently speaking Furbish in Disenchantment. He also portrayed Dr. Chambong in Bajillion Dollar propertie $.

Eric Bauza as the emerald wing

Eric Bauza as the Emerald Wing in Kid Cosmic on Netflix

Eric Bauza speaks the super soldier Emerald Wing and the characters Mstr Wilkzn and Hamburg. Bauza has voiced Big Time Beagle in DuckTales and numerous characters in Fast & Furious Spy Racers.

Jason Hightower as a biker in black

Jason Hightower as Biker in Black in Kid Cosmic on Netflix

Jason Hightower portrays Biker In Black, the leader of an underground military operation. Hightower voiced the local pedestrian population in Red Dead Redemption II and Captain Doza in Star Wars Resistance.

Cree Sommer as Queen Xhan

Cree Summer as Queen Xhan in Kid Cosmic on Netflix

Cree Summer approaches Queen Xhan, an alien leader who is multiplying and has good reason to come to Earth. Summer Voice Princess Kida in Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Catwoman in DC Super Hero Girls. She recently voiced Paper Bag in Woke.

Phil LaMarr as a golden crush

Phil LaMarr as the Golden Crush in Kid Cosmic on Netflix

Phil LaMarr speaks to Golden Swarm, a member of the Earth Force Enforcement Force. Lamaar pronounced Hermes Conrad Futurama and the title character in Samurai Jack. He is also known for portraying Marvin in Pulp Fiction.

Michaela Dietz as Blue Behemoth

Michaela Dietz as Blue Behemoth in Kid Cosmic on Netflix

Michaela Dietz portrays Blue Behemoth, a member of the Earth Force Enforcement Force. Dietz pronounced Dolly at 101 Dalmatian Street and Amethyst at Steven Universe.

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