What Trend Bloggers Are Sporting This Spring

Fashion trends are constantly changing based on what’s on the catwalk, who is wearing what, and even take inspiration from previous decades. Rather than looking for runway models, this spring we’re turning to relatable figures for wardrobe inspiration. While spring flowers and pops of color may not be “groundbreaking,” there are a number of ways you can bring out the classic look. These four fashion bloggers offer a toned-down version of the high fashion trends of 2021.

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What fashion bloggers are wearing this spring

Blogger: Heather Brown from mylifewellloved.com

ABOUT THE BLOGGER: Heather Brown is the creator and editor of My Life Well Loved, which stems from her passion for empowering women. In addition to her blog, she is also a wife and mother of two children. Heather’s southern roots and love for people come through on her blog as she encourages women to embrace insecurity, learn the importance of balance, enjoy a drink or two, and stop and smell the roses.

Favorite spring trend: sorbet pastels and floral prints

Think of two things that are just as springtime – pastels and flowers – and you will quickly get an understanding of the fashion trend that heather most passionately. “When it’s time for a date or a girls’ day, I love dressing up like the next girl from the south,” she says. “I’m in love with bringing sherbet pastels and floral prints into my wardrobe for spring.”

When it comes to spring fashion trends, mylifewellloved.com’s Heather Brown (pictured here with her husband) predicts flowers for spring! Image: Magen Davis

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Blogger: Cathy Williamson from the-middlepage.com

ABOUT THE BLOGGER: Cathy Williamson of the-middlepage.com is a Dallas-based fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger. She is a proud triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) survivor who loves to support women and help them maintain positive attitudes through chic clothing, current trends, and helpful advice.

Favorite spring trend: light green

Spring is an opportunity to breathe new life into your wardrobe and an easy and exciting way to do it is with color. One color that Cathy Williamson is particularly enthusiastic about is GREEN! “Bright green after a cold, dreary winter is going to be one of the colors I’ll wear for replays,” she says. We wholeheartedly agree!

Cathy Williamson from the-middlepage.com wears the most popular spring trend - bold colors

After a brutal winter, Cathy Williamson from the-middlepage.com wants to upgrade her ensembles with bright green this spring. Image: the-middlepage.com

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Blogger: Kay Elle from iamkayelle.com

ABOUT THE BLOGGER: I’m Kay Elle is the lifestyle blog of the same name from Nashville-born TV personality Kay Elle. Her blog focuses on travel, events, food, and fashion. Her focus is on connecting people with like-minded people, brands she loves and experiences she’s enjoyed. Kay believes everyone should lead a “FAB” lifestyle – a life of adventure, confidence, and style.

Favorite spring trends: feathers, wide-leg pants, and chewing gum pink

For the feather trend, Kay suggests going bold with a feathered bandeau top. For a more subtle look, a feather-trimmed dress or blouse is all the rage. When it comes to wide-leg pants, she predicts we’ll see them in both muted and light tones, as well as fun prints and patterns. Finally, referring to the bold and bubbly bubble gum pink trend, Kay says, “It’s a color we’ll see a lot in Spring and Summer 2021. If you wear this color trend, don’t be afraid to wear it alone or rock it out with a contrasting color that really stands out. “

Kay Elle from iamkayelle.com wears a pink gum dress

In addition to feathers and wide-leg pants, Kay Elle at iamkayelle.com encourages you to do it all this spring by adding bubble gum pink to your wardrobe. Image: Silas Miller

Blogger: Laura Rieckhoff from walkinmemphisinhighheels.com

ABOUT THE BLOGGER: Laura Rieckhoff is the woman behind Walking in Memphis in High Heels, a blog named after her love for Memphis and fashion. After working in the corporate world for 12 years, Laura quit her job to pursue her blogging dream in July 2020. From then on it started quickly. Today, Laura shares her love for travel, food, fashion and motherhood with her followers and encourages them to try new things.

Favorite spring trend: bright colors and floral prints

Laura is another fan of bright spring colors and feminine floral prints and looks forward to putting the two on – ideally together – when the weather warms up. “I love color and I never shy away from it. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that some of the top colors this spring will be pink, lime green, yellow, and tangerine, ”she says. “These colors mixed with one of my favorites – flowers! – For the perfect light, billowing top for spring. In combination with white denim and some strappy sandals, you have the perfect spring look that takes you straight into the warmer weather. “

Laura Rieckhoff from Walkinginmemphisinhighheels wears spring colors and flowers

Laura Rieckhoff from Walkinginmemphisinhighheels.com suggests combining the top colors of spring (pink, yellow, lime green and tangerine) with floral prints for an elevated look that takes your wardrobe straight to summer. Pictured: Mary Kate Steele

Special thanks to Cathy, Heather, Kay and Laura for sharing their favorite spring trends!


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