What’s good on TV; a information for Black viewers – Feb 25

Last week we asked if readers felt our reviews of “The Bachelor” on ABC, and 54% of respondents said yes, while 46% said, “Please stop checking this!”

Although the majority usually rule, we’re giving the 46% a break for the next few weeks until the show’s winner is announced.

This was a reminder for readers to take our poll at the bottom of this article so we can know what kind of shows interest you and hear your suggestions. Read the previous reviews at the end of the article.

This week we have a new set of shows for you.

Buried by the Bernards

Recap: This new reality show follows the Bernard family, owners of R Bernard Funeral Services in Memphis, Tennessee. The popular business went viral a few years ago when the family posted a commercial promoting their drive-through body viewing experience.

The family includes Grandma Debbie; her brother Kevin; her son Ryan; and his two daughters Raegan and Deja. Her family dynamics are hilarious and make the eight episode series worthwhile.

(LR) Uncle Kevin, Ryan Bernard, Debbie Bernard, Deja Bernard and Reagan in “Buried by the Bernards”. Photo courtesy of the Bernard Family

Funniest Character: Uncle Kevin. While each family member is individually funny, and even more so when they interact with each other, Uncle Kevin is hands down the funniest. His accent and mannerisms may remind you of your own uncle, grandpa, or great-uncle.

Be sure to watch the episode if he goes to a makeup class after his nieces decide he needs help making female bodies more beautiful. I laughed for the whole 24 minutes. (BL)

Where to see: Netflix

Young skirt

Recap: “Young Rock” is based on the life of film star and former WWE wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The show chronicles Johnson’s life from adolescence to young adulthood.

Growing up with a wrestler dad and in a wrestling family is not “normal”, but Johnson manages to successfully follow in his family’s footsteps and become one of the greatest wrestlers and actors of all time. He also meets many famous wrestlers from the 70s and 80s during the show.

Thoughts: I’m a huge Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson fan, so it only makes sense that I love a show that is based on his life. I grew up with him as a wrestler and it’s cool to see him become who he is today. There’s only been one episode so far, but I’ll tune in next week because I have to see what he does next.

I wasn’t familiar with any of the actors before I saw the show, but I think it was carefully cast and I firmly believe it could be Johnson’s family. The comedy on the show is amazing, which is not surprising given Johnson’s personality and the fact that he is an executive producer. (JL)

Where to see: Catch “Young Rock” on Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

I can destroy you

Michaela-Coel-HBO-Photo-Natalie-SeeryMichaela Coel as Arabella in “I Can Destroy You”. Photo: Natalie Seery

Recap: This series premiered last summer and was created, written and produced by Michaela Coel, who plays Arabella. It’s about how Arabella deals with what might have happened to her during a drunken night out with friends in London. Her memory of the night is not helpful, and neither is the people she considers friends.

Thought: You may need to turn on subtitles as some of the characters have heavy British accents. They show that it is a bit puzzling when the viewer accompanies Arabella on her journey to find out what happened to her. While it’s terrible to think she was raped, it is a relief when a character on television reports the incident right away instead of being too scared or fearing that the police will not take her seriously. (BL)

Where to see: “I Can Destroy You” is streamed on HBO Max. There were rumors about the second season but nothing official yet.

LA is the best

Recap: The comedy-action-crime series follows LAPD detectives Syd Burnett (Gabrielle Union) and Nancy McKenna (Jessica Alba) as they solve crimes across Los Angeles, California. LA’s Finest is a spin-off of the Bad Boys franchise, as Syd is featured in Bad Boys II as the younger sister of Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawerence).

Both Syd and Nancy have interesting backstories that are unraveled throughout the series, creating tons of emotional and comedic moments. Syd as an ex-DEA agent and Nancy as a former professional criminal is a contrast that the show explores a lot.

Thoughts: Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union’s chemistry is unique in that every time they are on screen together I am instantly drawn to them. Your comedic timing and authenticity comes through in these roles, which is tricky when you kick your teeth out of killers in every episode.

I think the supporting cast of the show is insufficient and they are the weak point of the show. Aside from Alba and Union, there aren’t many big names associated with this show, and you can tell the creators weren’t pushing for better talent. Despite the lack of a supporting cast, this show still rocks and as a Bad Boys fan I love the sequel to one of my favorite movie series. (JL)

Where to see: Season 1 of “LA’s Finest” is available on Netflix. It may take a while for Season 2 to hit the streaming service.

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