Why You Need To Book Your Summer RV Trip Now Or Risk Missing Out

Last summer, the “Year of the Motorhome” was ushered in when an unprecedented number of Americans chose to travel in motorhomes, motorhomes and trailers in order to socially distance themselves and stay in a safer “bubble” while on the Drive the road and enjoy the city outdoors.

Now that vaccinations are on the rise, travel restrictions are eased, COVID-19 cases in the United States are easing, and the pent-up travel requirement for a year is about to unfold, all signs point to the summer of 2021 being equally busy is, if not busier, on America’s highways and back roads.

In fact, the RV camping trend is not slowing down, says Jon Gray, CEO of RVShare, the world’s first and largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace.

“Our business tripled by the end of last summer when people were out in record numbers to visit family and friends, take a much-needed vacation to enjoy the outdoors and new destinations, and get mobile and follow the guidelines of Use “work from anywhere”. “He said.” This year, as vaccine distribution increases, more people will be willing to travel and RVs will continue to find a comforting option. “

RVShare surveyed more than 400 of its current customers in its Travel Sentiment survey and found that 83 percent of them are ready to pack their bags and travel in the coming months. A full 54 percent said they are unlikely to consider flying, and 67 percent are considering traveling by RV this summer.

Additionally, RVShare’s survey found that nearly half of consumers (45 percent) would like to travel somewhere in the great outdoors, outperforming destinations like beaches (20 percent) or large cities (2 percent).

All of this makes many travelers crave some of the most popular national parks, state parks, and scenic campgrounds in the country. Therefore, you should consider your camping reservations or motorhome rentals sooner rather than later.

That said, if you’re new to RV camping, don’t let its popularity – or the advice to plan as much in advance as you can (which can be overwhelming) – stop you from giving it a try this year! My husband and I hopped on the RVing train late last summer and we didn’t look back.

We completed a 7 week round-trip flight adventure from Colorado to Maine in a new Class A RV. Another recent RV trip took us to five different states in the southwest. Read on to see why I think RVing is a great way to travel and share some tips for planning an inaugural trip this summer.

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