Why You Ought to Book All Your 2021 Journey With Reserving.com

The last year felt like a fever dream. Most of us are still trying to shake it off and pretend it never happened. If you look forward to 2021, you are undoubtedly already dreaming of your first big vacation after the pandemic. If you like your trip to be easy, affordable and, most importantly, safe, you’ve come to the right place.

Book your entire trip from flights and rental cars to accommodations and attractions. Shop millions of hotels and vacation homes including their current COVID-19 cleaning standards; and secure your stay with no upfront costs – all via the Booking.com mobile app, without leaving the comfort of your couch. Book now and you can save 20% or more on your entire US vacation! Here are our top reasons to book all of your 2021 trips on Booking.com.

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A better travel app

As the travel industry bounces back on its feet, more and more companies are working hard this year to make travel booking easier and better. With the Booking.com mobile app (free for iOS and Android) you can no longer guess your vacation. Book a complete trip right from your smartphone, including flights, rental cars and a choice of more than 28 million hotels, motels and holiday apartments in almost every country in the world. In addition, app users receive exclusive offers for vacations, weekend getaways and business trips and can even manage their trips on the go.

They keep it clean

For most travelers right now, few things are more important than knowing that our airlines, car rental companies and hotels take cleanliness seriously. This year, most of us are primarily concerned with the health and safety of our families and ourselves. Booking.com makes it easy to buy safe hotels and vacation rentals. Hovering the mouse pointer over the facility details directly on the search page will show whether extended COVID-19 specific cleaning protocols are used for this property.

(Almost) every hotel and holiday apartment

Of course, not a single website offers every accommodation option in the world. However, Booking.com’s inventory of more than 28 million hotels and vacation rentals is a hell of a good place to start. If you’re not sure whether you want a traditional budget hotel stay, a luxury beach resort, a one-of-a-kind vacation home, or something in between, you can shop all in one convenient place. Booking.com’s search shows on the search page nightly prices, location, user reviews, cleaning procedures and much more.

Book now … pay later

Even in a good year, plans change. Life sometimes gets in the way of even the best of plans. However, the last year has been particularly uncertain. If you’re worried about booking a trip for 2021, possibly having to cancel, rebook, reschedule and, most importantly, get your travel credit back, Booking.com will get it. With the Book Now / Pay Later function, you do not pay any reservation fees or fees in advance. This means that you can complete your hotel stay today and only have to pay the full amount in advance on the day of arrival. In most cases, if something happens between now and your vacation, you can cancel or reschedule.

With the world slowly opening up to travelers again, this looks like going to be a great travel year. Booking.com wants to help you get started with early booking savings of 20% or more for a ton of US destinations. Remember to book your vacation early and travel by March 31st for the best savings!

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