With home air fares tipped to rise, that is when to ebook to snag a deal

The recent closings of the coronavirus border have forced many Australians to cancel their vacation travel plans at the last minute, and some are now targeting Easter instead.

While there are still some cheap airfares to destinations like Hobart, vacationers are warned that prices are likely to rise sharply.

Canceled Christmas trips have created pent-up demand that will result in sharp price increases for key travel dates, including April school holidays, according to an air fare analysis by internet search company Kayak.

Domestic flight prices are already up 19 percent year over year, according to Kayak, and flights for the upcoming vacation period are expected to increase in the coming weeks.

The coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult to predict future prices, but Kayak’s analysis of historical data suggests that current prices for Easter are expected to rise by 20 percent within the next month.

To avoid paying a premium, travelers should try to book their Easter vacation flights before February 7th.

“Although flight searches have declined (-22 percent year-on-year), Australia was one of the fastest rebounding domestic tourism markets in the world. After a Christmas party with plans canceled for many, pent-up demand is quickly driving prices up on travel dates in early 2021, ”said Ben Connell of Kayak.

Historical data shows that January is usually the best time to book flights to beat the projected price hike for vacation travel in April. “

For those planning a getaway for the winter holidays in June and July, Kayak’s data suggests that travelers who book flights from March to mid-April can survive price hikes.

Australia’s most popular domestic vacation spots

Since COVID-19 brought international travel to a standstill, Queensland has emerged as the most popular destination for Australians.

The Sunshine State is home to three of the top five vacation spots in the country, according to Kayak’s analysis.

The Gold Coast topped the list, with the average price of a ticket increasing 28 percent year over year to $ 246.

The Tasmanian capital, Hobart, finished second, but it’s still a steal for travelers whose average ticket price has dropped 2 percent year over year to $ 232.

Third was Brisbane, with an average ticket cost of $ 272, up 17 percent year over year.

Cairns was the fourth most popular vacation spot. Average airfare rose 15 percent year over year to $ 341.

Sydney finished fifth with an average price of $ 209, up 2 percent year over year.

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