Writer Lynn Perez-Hewitt’s new e book “Measured Time: Book One” is an exciting story of a time-traveling physicist from 1944 who arrives in 2008 and should discover his means again

LITTLETON, Colo., January 11, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Lynn Perez-Hewitt, a Catholic school girl from Rockford, Illinois, Bradley University The graduate and PR specialist has completed her new book “Measured Time: Book One”: a gripping and powerful story of a physicist who travels from 1944 to 2008 and has to return to the past.

Published by Page Publishing, Lynn Perez-Hewitt An adventurous story follows Nick Nishimura, a 1943 Japanese-American physicist who is torn from an internment camp to join a team of scientists in Los Alamos because military intelligence needs his pioneering work on atom transfer. By September 1944The war effort needs this breakthrough to work. As a team leader, he volunteers to take part in the “trick”. He enters the chamber and steps out into the hot Arizona sun – in 2008.

Nick isn’t sure who to trust or how to get back to his own time. He meets a retired high school science teacher. Don Sullivan Grantshortly after his arrival. Together, Nick and Don spend time building the fabric of friends, relatives and colleagues he needs. Nick quickly discovers that a lot has changed in the years he hasn’t lived, but science still holds many secrets.

Nagging Nick is the last word he shared with one of his few friends in Los Alamos, a young Indian who worked at the lodge. When he went to test his experiment, she smiled, squeezed his hand, and said something about ghosts. Nick cannot remember what exactly she said, however, and he seeks this woman along with others from his past to solve this time-consuming puzzle.

Readers who want to experience this exciting work can buy Measured Time: Book One in bookstores anywhere or online from the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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