You Can Water Slide From Your Mattress Into The Ocean At This Maldives Overwater Villa

The largest overwater villa in the world is now open in the Maldives and features a 19m water slide that lets you slide straight down into the crystal clear ocean. Oh my.

Great for all the big kids out there, the slide is just one of the features of the incredible floating villa at Soneva Fushi Resort.

The incredible property features glass floor panels that allow guests to view the fish in the turquoise waters, as well as a decking area with sun loungers for guests to relax and enjoy the surrounding paradise.

(Photo credit: Soneva Fushi)

If you don’t want to bathe in nature’s pool, there is also a lap pool on the terrace, as well as a private outdoor bath and a chic, sunken dining area for the most magical sunset meals.

On the second floor there is a dining room where guests can taste the delights of the Maldivian island, a living room to relax in and a master bedroom with a retractable roof so you can fall asleep under the stars and wake up to the clear blue sky.

Have you ever heard of anything more dreamy?

(Photo credit: Soneva Fushi)(Photo credit: Soneva Fushi)

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No wonder a private floating villa in the Maldives doesn’t come cheap. The one bedroom villa costs £ 2,066 a night, but guests can enjoy a full fridge and pantry as part of the offer (if that’s any consolation).

If you are traveling with a larger group, Soneva Fushi has a whole range of other equally beautiful properties with more bebrooms, both floating and on the shores of the island.

And you will never get stuck for things to do. The resort has a number of restaurants, a glass bowling center and the largest outdoor cinema in the Indian Ocean. Pure bliss!

Soneva Fushi has a whole host of other equally beautiful properties (Image credit: Soneva Fushi)Soneva Fushi has a whole host of other equally beautiful properties (Image credit: Soneva Fushi)

You can book Soneva Fushi’s one bedroom water retreat with a waterslide here, or browse the rest of her incredible features here.

We’d better save for it now …

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